Field of Glory: Mustering the Legions


The Mid-Republic Roman army for Field of Glory is roughly 2/3rd done.

Here is another battlegroup of  Hastati & Principes. The basic infantry models are the same as the other units. The only difference is the unit’s Centurion, which came from the Marian era command group (the other groups’ Centurions are from the Camilian era sculpts). This allows for a little more variation between the units. His sculpt is closer to what you’d think of as ‘Roman’ compared to the more ‘Greek’ look of the other Centurions. The Legion here gets a blue shield with a stylized pair of red wolves.

In addition to the Hastati & Principes, I finished the second unit of Triarii, the hardcore vets of the army. They got the same red tunics as the other Triarii group, but carry off-white shields with blue whorls. The unit is all monopose, being the same sculpt. I created a little bit of diversity by changing up the postures of the models, and gave them a variety of angles on their spears.

To wrap up I finished up the army’s mounted scouts, a unit of Numidian Cavalry. These Berber tribesmen give the army some speed, at least enough to harry flanks or hold up enemy cavalry until the painfully slow infantry can get into position. They have a pretty dark and dull color scheme, with no real strong colors or armor. A healthy mix of brown and grey horses, as well as their North African skin tones make them stand out. To give them a little bit of spark I painted their shields to look like cowhide.

I’m almost done with the last Legion group, and have the commanders, Roman Cavalry, the Italian allied spearmen, and the camp left to do.


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