By Fire & Sword!

As I draw other projects to their conclusion, I get started on others. Never ending, really.

The next project for a client is a shift in time periods and games. We move from Ancient Rome in Field of Glory to The Northern Wars in By Fire & Sword. By Fire & Sword covers the late 17th to mid-18th centuries, in the grand clusterf**k that was Central and Eastern Europe. It’s not a period of history I’m too knowledgeable about, but it never hurts to learn right?

The army I’m working on is the basic skirmish box of the Kingdom of Sweden. The Swede box comes with a Commander, a unit of 4 Reiters (mounted pistoliers), a unit of Dragoons (mounted riflemen, with dismounted versions), and an attached Regimental Gun.

The first stands finished are some of the dismounted Dragoons. On foot, they arranged themselves into lines of riflemen. Alongside the Dragoons we have the Regiment’s Gun, a light cannon with crew.

On a painting note, I have to say I’m not totally up on uniforms of the Swedish Kingdom during this period, though research seems to show lots of blue. The Dragoons here are not in uniforms per se, so it allowed a bit of variety of color.

Now for a bit of editorializing: I’m not a fan of the sculpts I’ve seen. The miniatures are 15mm, but really technically close to 18, being oversized compared to other 15mm sculpts like Old Glory and Essex. The detail on them varies a lot- some have nice sculpts  with crisp detail, while others’ sculpts have really ‘soft’ casting, some details sort of lost in the recesses or simply terminating in rounded edges. I’m sure some of this comes from a poor casting, but it could stand to be better. It will get worse when I get to the horses. Still, they look good massed on a table.


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