Chaos Wars: Goblins!

I’ve started up a small force of Goblins and Gnolls for a Chaos Wars army. The Goblins minatures are all from the North Star Military Figures Oathmark line, while the Gnolls are from Frostgrave.

This is the first unit, a mob of Goblins with spears and shields. They are arranged in 3 ranks of 4. I’m not familiar with Chaos Wars rules, but I presume the units are much smaller than games like Warhammer 8th ed and Kings of War. The models are all plastic, with plenty of variety of poses, arms, and heads. The Goblins have nice feral designs, and a good mix of gear and armor. They hearken back to a more Tolkeinesque vibe of Orcs and Goblins- squat bodies, bandy legs, and rough gear.

I followed the box art for the Goblins set to a certain extant. I designed them to have no uniform, reflecting their scavenged gear. I picked 6 colors (plus grey and yellow metals), and distributed them at random over each grouping of models. This gave them a little unity of theme, without uniformity of look. Their bases were done in a standard ‘wasteland’ look, with dull brown dirt and scattered dead grass flock.

Their skin was painted to look ‘realistic’ compared to other Goblins I’ve done, so no bright greens. Instead I painted the skin with a base of MSP Dusky Skin, a really dull grey-brown. This then got a wash of Nuln Oil followed by a highlight of Dusky Skin/Rakarth Flesh. Finally they got a glaze of GW Athonian Camoshade to give them a dull green color.

More to come, next time mixed sword/axe/club Goblins.


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