Drowned Earth: Dinos and Gorillas


I’ve finished the Militia starter for Drowned Earth. These three members round out the unit. There’s plenty of diversity at play here.

The human girl, Juchita, has a nice run n’ gun pose (and legs for days). She got the same uniform as the other Militia members, though a few ad hoc pieces of gear reinforce the setting. I made her a redhead to brighten her color scheme.

The next member is a Saurian with a beret. I gave him a deep grey-blue skin tone so his fatigues and red beret would stand out. I like his skulking pose, and of course his Ray Bands.

Last up is the team’s gorilla with a chaingun, a staple of every good setting. It’s pretty well sculpted, giving him a sense of weight and mass. His chaingun got a few washes to show metal fatigue and wear and tear. I went with realistic skin and fur.

Alongside the Militia I finished a pair of Yuttaraptors (sic). These Utahraptors are very well sculpted, with a nice sense of speed and viciousness. The color scheme was done for a sense of realism, with a darker grey skin tone to make the bright red feathers really stand out. I added an area of dark brown stripes down their spines in the vein of big cats.

In one pic, I included a better shot of the basing for the models.


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