Saga: Magna Graecia

It’s been a while since I’ve updated. A mixture of teaching, moving, and working through some painting fatigue slowed my production down. I have been working on my own models to help overcome that inertia.

My Greeks for Saga: Age of Hannibal have been underway for a few weeks now. I’ve finished enough to post here. I plan on using the Syracuse faction rules for the army, but might use the Italiotes rules sometimes. The Syracusans’ rules are the closest to a classical ‘Hoplite’ formation, rather than the Macedonian-style of Epirus or the light Thureophoroi/Peltasti of the Italiotes.

Pictured here are some of the Warriors Hoplites, armed with the traditional spear, linothorax, and hoplan. By the time of the Punic Wars, this style is pretty archaic, supplanted by pikemen or thureophoroi. Their armor and helmets are all over the place historically, with some helmet designs separated by centuries, but I liked the mix of styles.

The Victrix plastic kit is pretty nice, but has the problem that the armored torsos only have 4 poses (8 on a sprue, doubled up). I wanted some more variety, plus I liked the idea that some of the phalanx wouldn’t be as well equipped as others. I mixed in a bunch of unarmored torsos from the Peltasts kit. In battle, the armored spearmen would fight up front, with the unarmored bringing up the rear.

The second pic features the Hoplites formed into bigger phalanxes. I also wanted to show off the armor, since the shields tend to cover the whole body (their point of course). The shield devices were almost all hand painted, with a few transfers added in.

I’ll be adding more Hoplites, picking out a few individuals as Hearthguard (mostly the ones with shield aprons). I’ll also be working on some Peltasts for the Levy javelinmen. I’m looking forward to painting up the army’s Warlord, the Tyrant of Syracuse.

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