The Walking Thunder

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WAAAAAAGH! Da Boss is ‘ere!

I’ve finally finished the Megaboss for my Ironjawz force for Age of Sigmar. This was done just in time for a campaign to start at my FLGS. For this campaign, the Megaboss is known as Grishnak the Walking Thunder. This is in keeping with my Ironjawz/Orcs & Goblins army name, the Stormbringaz. I know that storms and thunder are the hallmarks of the Stormcast Eternals for Age Of Sigmar, but I named and designed my Orcs 3 editions ago, and am not ceding the name for no one.

Grishnak here is truly huge, towering over everything else in the army, including the River Trolls that sometimes show up. This guy sits on a 60mm base (here a resin one from Secret Weapon, a broken temple/castle, matching the other characters in the army).

I liked the original figure, but felt that he needed a little more ‘oomph’ to show him as the true beast he is. There’s the obvious skull bosspole strapped to his back, as well as an extra club on his left side (just in case) and a helmet hanging off his right side. He might not wear it too often, but I wanted the helmet to visually tie him to the Ardboys (aka Black Orcs).

His back armor got a few more plates made of plasticard, another trophy skull got added, and even his huge choppa got a pick on the poll (the back edge). The dragon skull on his shoulder got a series of spines (plastic bits and green stuff) to break up the otherwise smooth line of the crown of the skull. He’s spiky everywhere else, best to continue that design aesthetic. A horned skull from the Brutes box finished off his left shoulder (I wasn’t a fan of the Bloodletter skull bit he came with).

Color scheme was easy enough. Even if he’s a boss, he still has battered black armor, decorated with bone white dog’s teeth, lightning bolts, and checkers. The larger size of his armor plates gave me more room to decorate, with the choppa’s head especially getting a big checker design; though being the business end of a choppa, it’s scratched, dented, and bloodied. Like the rest of his army, there is very little symmetry involved in the design of the markings, rather I added them where it might look cool. The only other colors added were various browns and a blood red, which shows up in the ragged loincloth and a trophy (ribbon/beard?) hanging off the bosspole.

Now that the Ironjawz contingent of the Orruks and Grots army is done, I can turn to adding more Moonclan models, especially characters.

Age of Sigmar: Wings and Scales

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I’m almost wrapped up on the Stormcast Eternals army for Age of Sigmar I’ve been working on for some time.

These are a few members of a couple units. They are Prime unit leaders from the Prosecutor flyers. These flyers were rough building and painting, their parts very spindly and unbalanced while I was working on them. The army had 2 units, 3 Prosecutors with javelins and trident, and 3 with paired hammers.

The Dracothian Guard member is part of the unit of 4 riders. They followed the same color scheme as the mounted Lord-Celestant. Their armor plating was toned down with black accented with gold and bronze (compared to the full gold plating for the Celestant). The unit was built as Desolators, carrying big axes and shields. The cape is the same turquoise as the Dracoth beast, but has a deeper shading and lesser highlighting to keep it dark.

Currently in the works- a Lord-Celestant riding a Stormdrake. He’s a doozy.

Crimson Fists: Veterans of Rynn’s World

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I’ve wrapped up the Sternguard Veteran Squad for the Crimson Fists. These scarboys are loaded for bear, and blinged to the gills. Most are simply built from the huge store of bits from the Sterngaurd sprues, though the Sergeant has a tabard from the Black Templars. The others are modified Finecast Vets. Like the rest of the army they have resin Crimson Fists shoulder pads, with some of the decorated backpacks as well.

They all bear the paired red gauntlets of Veteran Marines, as well as loads of battle honors, decorations, trophies, etc. They also all wear loincloths or tabards to further make them stand out for the regular Marines. The unit is split with suped-up bolters and combi-meltas for some utter destruction when they arrive in the inevitable Drop Pod.

The Veteran Sergeant has a iconic red power fist, and a red Sergeant’s helmet. The Marine with him has a bare head, having tossed his helmet aside after some battle damage (the scarring on the helmet corresponds to the fresh welling scar across his face).

Back to more basic Tactical Marines and some characters next.

Crimson Fists: Los Puños Carmesíes

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More Crimson Fists! I’ve been working on specialists and heavy weapons troopers, as well as an optional Veteran Sergeant.

First up the Vet Sergeant. He’s one of the new Mk 3 plastics, with a nice iconic red power fist and bolt pistol. His other wise spartan decoration is accented by a red helmet and striped brush crest. As a Veteran, both of his gauntlets are red, rather than just the left.

Next are some heavy weapon Marines, in this case a Multi-melta and a Lascannon. Since there’s a lot of details for their gear, I put in 3 angles to look at. The power and fuel tubes for the multi-melta turned out a bit busy with the hazard striping, but I suppose it works. I opted for a variety of stripe spacing to help differentiate the individual tubes. These two Marines are weapon options for Tactical squads, thus they wear the Tactical arrow on their right shoulders.

The last pic is the first members of a Sterguard Veteran squad for the army. These guys are decorated veterans of several battles, so they get plenty of character as individuals. Like the Veteran Sergeant above, both their hands are red.

The top Marine has a combi-plasma, with his helmet hung on his belt. He is one of the Mk 3 plastics, unadorned with extra frippery beyond a purity seal. I added a crux terminatus symbol on his right shoulder and a painted laurel wreath decoration on his helmet. His bare head also gives him character.

The bottom Marine is one of the Sternguard Finecast Veterans, with a left arm and shoulder swap, and Rogue Trader-era bolter. He has a lot more decoration that his comrade above, with purity seals, eagle designs, and loincloth. The loincloth will be ubiquitous for the Sterngaurd squad.


Age of Sigmar: Krumpin’

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Green is Best, it seems. I’ve been playing some more Age of Sigmar with my Orruks (with some Grots in tow). The Boyz have done well, stompin’ and krumpin’ as expected, with some surprising usefulness from the Moonclan Grots. The nets they carry benefit everyone around them, conferring -1 to hit on all enemies nearby. Great to protect the Orruks, though they’d never admit it…

These are a few additions to the army I’ve added recently. These are extra minies I’ve had for some time, so a nice cheap way to bulk out the army.

First is the Warchanter for the Ironjawz. This is a conversion, since I had extra Black Orcs and lots of bits. He’s a plastic Black Orc (aka Ardboy for AoS), with a bare Orc head, a drummer’s right arm with skull drumstick (and extra spiky bit on the gauntlet from the Brutes box), and a left arm made from an arm from the Brutes box and a Black Orc hand. I swapped the mace head it came with to a skull to match the right arm. He got the typical snazzy black armor, with lots of checkers and dags as per usual, with a few lightning bolts scattered over his armor and even forehead. I mounted him on a chunk of cork on a 40mm base to match the Brutes and elevate him for emphasis. He needs to be a center of attention after all. The skulls have a glowing effect in their sockets to show the power of the WAAAGH! A trophy demon skull and jaws on his left shoulder completes his snazziness.

The other pic is a bunch of Grots from the Moonclan (aka the Night Goblins). I’ve added a few new Netters to my spear Grots; I used to have only 2 to show the units were carrying nets (since in Warhammer 8th and before the nets were simply a bonus to a unit). Under AoS however the nets actually have bubbles of effect on the table, so I figured I’d have 6 or so for each unit. Some nice bonuses without going overboard.

I also did a few old Goblins. The models come all the way from 4th edition Warhammer, which is quite evident from their smaller and simpler sculpts compared to the Netters (who hail from 6th I think). The Netters have the definite problem of coming from the time where a lot of the infantry plastics ballooned in size, so they match the bigger Night Goblin plastics. My Night Goblins are either 4th ed or 7th ed, so the Netters are much larger than the surrounding spear Grots. This is I suppose rationalized with the biggest members of the tribe carrying the nets for the best tosses…

I did a Standard Bearer and a Champion, as well as a Shaman. I like the Standard Bearer; he’s this dinky little twerp with a dinky pointy hat. Almost too pathetic and adorable for battle. The Champion looks a little more intimidating, with his big axe and devious smirk. The Shaman wears a red cloak and hood like the other Grot characters in the army. He has that old 4th ed caracter pose,with his arms held wide. I like his little cauldron filled with mushrooms and his magic staff, with a little puppet of himself. Again, adorable.

I’m thinking of adding more units over time, so I’m sure there’s more Orruks and Grots to come.

Crimson Fists: Even More Tacticals

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I’ve been working on more Crimson Fists Tactical Marines. While the Sergeants are individualized, the Bolter-armed and Special/Heavy Weapon Marines are swappable between squads for given situations.

These are one collection- a Sergeant (with red helmet) carrying a Bolter and Melta-bomb, 7 Bolters, a Meltagun, and a Grav-Cannon.

While most of the Marines for the army are the standard Mk 5-7, the new Mk 3 kits offer a chunky design for the army. The Mark 3 has a nice heavy look, and gives the Marine armor a feel of age. They will get mixed into the rest of the army.

The next Tactical Squad is already under way.

Crimson Fists: Devastate

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More Crimson Fists!

The Crimson Fists Marines force will include several Tactical Squads in the end. Among these squads I’ve done a Devastator Squad, since it’s only a 5-man squad.

First up is the Combat Squad from the first Tactical Squad (featured in earlier posts). These are 4 Bolter Marines, and a Marine with a Heavy Bolter. He has the Heavy Bolter and ammo hopper backpack from the Sternguard kit.

The Devastators here are armed with Missile Launchers, accompanied by a Sergeant with his targeting array. The Marines carry the standard issue launchers, with missile-loading ammo backpacks. Their right shoulders have a red and black chevron; the Sergeant sports the same symbol on his left knee (due to the Terminator badge on the right shoulder).

I also finished a Terminator Librarian at the same time. He is a huge mini, with tons of detail, like a long tabard, purity seals, scrolls, and pages chained to his armor, as well as the ubiquitous Librarian book and horned skull symbols. I kept the color scheme simple, with a lighter blue (same as the other Librarians I’ve done for the Fists). Red and parchment feature prominently as well. A single color accent is the purple bookmark ribbon in the tome on his right shoulder. He carries a giant Storm Shield, a part from some third party company. I painted his eyes as sunken in, dead white, to represent his psyker nature.

More Crimson Fists coming along.