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Wars of the Roses: Storm of Arrows

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The House of York grows…Finishing out a few battlegroups for the Yorkist army for Field of Glory.

I completed the Longbow unit wearing Lord Hastings’ livery, with the rear rank wearing the livery for Lord Fauconburg, William Neville. The 8-stand units will hopefully be able to lay down a serious amount of arrows on the table, compared to the smaller 6-stand units I did for the Lancastrian army. I decided to split the larger units into 4’s to allow for some variety of colors. This will also allow them to expand into their own units later.

The second pic shows the rear ranks of the Longbow units. The top is Neville’s blue/white, and the bottom is the red/black of the Duke of Buckingham. Buckingham’s archers will back up the rear rank of Gloucester’s archers (next in the queue). The detail pick shows the yellow knot symbol of Buckingham.

Last is a unit of skirmishing Handgunners. These are done as Burgundians, hired/on loan from Burgundy to help against the Lancastrian forces. I’ve seen some opinion that they might not have worn their own colors for mercenary campaigns in England, but I wanted them to be distinctive with their light blue/white and red St. Andrew’s crosses sewn onto their jacks.

Next are the Gloucester archers and the dismounted Men-at-Arms.


Wars of the Roses: York

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I’ve begun work on the Yorkist army from the Wars of The Roses for Field of Glory. This will be the opponent force for the Lancastrian army I’ve recently completed. The minies are the ‘starter’ force from Essex Miniatures, so like the Lancastrians the units are restricted to the models in the starter.

The army is based off the forces at the Battle of Tewkesbury, when Edward IV cemented his crown against the Lancastrians. He was supported by his brother, Richard Duke of Gloucester (the future Richard III) and Lord Hastings. The planned force is ~600 points like the other force I painted.

C-in-C- Edward IV

Sub-commander- Richard, Duke of Gloucester

Sub-commander- Lord William Hastings

Longbow x8

Longbow x8

Dismounted Men-at-Arms/Footmen x6

Mounted Men-at-Arms x4

Royal Guard Men-at-Arms x2

Mercenary Pikemen x8

Mercenary Handgunners x8 (potentially deployed in groups of 4 instead)

Here are the first few stands of the Yorkist army. These are Longbowmen of a couple different battlegroups, testing out some color schemes.

The ranked group are wearing the livery of Hastings, and carry his banner. I have a treasure trove of Freezywater Flags, so will try to use as many as I can. I might go back and add more banners to the Lancastrian force eventually.

The York army will have less variety of color schemes with its battlegroups. Instead of a bunch of disparate lords and dukes, the army is led by three lords with similar colors (red or murry and blue for Edward, Richard, and Hastings). A few other liveries will be mixed into the units to break them up. The single stands here are wearing the liveries of Buckingham (left) and Neville (right). My current plan is to have each 8-stand Longbow unit broken into 4-stand color groups, with a single banner for one of the senior lords. This will also allow them to break up into their own battlegroups if the armies expand to beyond 600 points.

More to come.

Wars of the Roses: The House of Lancaster

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The Lancaster army for the Wars of the Roses is done. Except for the camp, all battlegroups are finished. On to the Yorkists!

This is the full 600 point army-

Commander-in-Chief: Duke of Somerset

Sub-commander: Duke of Exeter

Sub-commander: Earl of Northumberland

3 Longbow Archers groups (in Somerset, Northumberland, and Trollope liveries) w/ stakes

3 Dismounted Men-at-Arms and Footmen groups (in Somerset, Roos, and Clifford liveries)

Mounted Men-at-Arms group (no particular favored livery)

Mercenary Crossbow group (being mercs, they have no unified livery)


In designing the army, I picked colors based off the real commands of the Battle of Wakefield. Then I picked good color combinations based on what looked good together. I didn’t want too much unity for the army, as the Wars of the Roses favored units owing fealty to their own leaders rather than a the king himself (part of the whole problem that led to the war!).

Detailed pics of each battlegroup can be seen in previous posts.

The Yorkists army I have planned on the other hand will be more unified, as it will follow Edward IV, his brother Richard, Duke of Gloucester (the future Richard III) and Lord Hastings, who all have very similar livery colors of red/blue or murry/blue. A few lesser nobles will bring some color variation though, such as Neville’s blue/white and Buckingham’s red/black.

Field of Glory: Battle!

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A pal and I are getting back into Field of Glory! With the interest in the new Wars of The Roses armies I’ve been working on, another player returned to his Medieval French army.  These are pics from our latest battle.


The armies were the starter armies from Storm of Arrows lists, at ~600 points. We’ll get larger games later on.

The English had an inspired CiC, 2 Troop commanders, 2×8 Archers with stakes, 6×2 Archers with stakes, and 3×4 Dismounted Men-at-Arms.

The French were 3 Troop commanders, 3×4 Knights, 3×6 Crossbow, 6 Genoese Crossbow, 8 Peasant Mob, and 8 Voulgiers. They’re not done yet, but painting up fast. The pics don’t do the French justice- they’re amazing in the flesh.


The lines spread out pretty evenly, favoring the left French flank. We rolled most of the terrain to the edges where it wasn’t any help to the English, leaving the center wide open for all those Knights.

Early on the right French flank with Crossbows and Peasant Mobs met English Archers and Men-at-Arms, They came out of it poorly, breaking and running for the hills. The Men-at-Arms turned the flank, eventually breaking another unit of Crossbows. Unfortunately, that was the only real English success…


In the center and right English flank, the French Knights impacted with the English line. It went badly immediately. The English couldn’t roll out of a paper bag, while the French were rolling like rock stars, wearing down the English morale and killing stands.


The Knights barreled over the English line, killing Archers and Men-at-Arms left and right. The center with the English C-in-C broke, cascading into breaking nearby units, while the rest of the line was near breaking or just dying. I called a retreat, since most of my army was either broken or fragmented. Curse you Frenchy!



Wars of the Roses: Henry, Henry, Henry…

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I’ve finished the commanders of the Lancastrian force for Field of Glory. It’s Henry’s, all the way down. The three leaders of the force (based on the Battle of Wakefield) are all named Henry, serving the crown of Henry VI.

The commander stands get the man himself, accompanied by a standard bearer. The banners were drawn in Illustrator and then colored with paint before attaching them to the lances of the knight. Each commander also gets a marking on the back to keep track of them in-game, a star for ‘leader’ and number to distinguish them.

The commander-in-chief is Henry Beaufort, Duke of Somerset. His blue/white livery is seen in an Archers and Men at Arms battlegroup, befitting the most important leader on the table. His mount has an elaborate covering, showing off Somerset’s wealth and importance. The standard is a tusked ram/antelope(?), with the gold portcullis also seen in his unit banners and uniforms. In addition to his standard bearer, he gets a herald. I like the late 15th century fashion of jacket or other clothing worn over the plate armor. Obviously this man is not expecting to get into the scrum.

The next is Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland. His red/black livery is used by one of the Archers battlegroups. He has a drummer added to his base, potentially as a means to signal his orders to his subordinates. His standard features a lion, with half moons, horn, links of chain, key, and sheathed dagger.

Last is the Duke of Exeter, Henry Holland. I kept his base simple, with just Exeter and the standard. His standard is a signal brazier, alongside sheaves of wheat(?).




In addition to the commanders, I’ve finished the army’s Mounted Men at Arms, the knights. While not the terrors of the continent, such as French or German knights, they’re still pretty impressive on the table. The top of the pic is the battlegroup in formation to fight, since knights only fight in a single rank in-game. The stand on the far left carries the unit’s standard, a basic white flag with red St. George’s Cross, also seen on the standards of the commanders.

One problem of the models was that knights are 3 per stand on a 40mm wide base. They barely fit, and their arms and legs stick out, making lining up the stands a bit difficult. This sometimes means I have to repeat some models so they fit better.

Finally there is the last battlegroup of Men at Arms, wearing the livery of Thomas, Lord Roos. Their yellow/blue color contrasts with Roos’ standard, a red flag with white bougets, apparently a type of water skin. Some wear a red bull’s head on their chests. Despite his importance at the Battle of Wakefield, I didn’t actually depict him with a model. Presumably he’s among his men in this unit. Maybe if the army gets a fourth commander for larger games.

The army is nearly complete! All that’s left is a camp and the army’s field fortifications. Otherwise all done.


Field of Glory: Men-at-Arms

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More Lancastrians arrive to fight for Henry IV! For King and Crown (until we change sides, maybe)!

I had to pause on the Lancastrian army for Field of Glory for a bit as I waited for the Litko bases to arrive. Now that they’re here, the army continues. These are some of the Dismounted Men-at-Arms and Retinue Billmen, as well as one stand of the Mounted Knights.

Following the color scheme convention of the Archer battlegroups, the Billmen have a single color scheme associated with each group. Armies in this era tended to wear the livery of their lords or cities/villages, rather than individualized heraldry of their own. I based the commander models and battlegroup colors off the forces at the Battle of Wakefield. I opted for as much variety as I could, using as many different lords as I could.

With that said, the first MAA group wears the livery of Henry Beaufort, Duke of Somerset. This is the same as one of the Archer battlegroups. I decided that since Somerset was the commander-in-chief of the whole force, he would have multiple groups in his colors. His blue/white scheme was offset by a variety of colors to break up the repeated poses. I painted Somerset’s banner with the portcullis and chains. A simplified version of the portcullis shows up on a few billmen’s clothes.

The other Billmen group is in the colors of Lord Clifford, another important baron on the Lancastrian side. His white and red colors certainly contrast with Somerset’s group. His banner was also hand-painted. The little marks on the chests of some of the billmen is a simplified red dragon, one of Clifford’s symbols.

Finally, here is a single stand of the Knights. They wear mostly undecorated armor, without any personal livery. Their mounts also wear heavy armor. An interesting detail of the decoration of the time was the bright colors the forces used, including coloring the hafts of their halberds, billhooks, and lances.

More to come. The force is nearly done.

Field of Glory: Arrows and Bolts

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I’ve had a good round of painting lately, so have gotten a lot done for the Lancastrian English army for Field of Glory.

Featured here are the third Longbow archers battlegroup and a Mercenary Crossbow group.

The archers are Retinue Longbow under Andrew Trollope, the army’s third commander, one of the Lancaster cause’s great strategists. His livery is green and white, with a white stag as his emblem. The archers follow the same coloring convention as the previous groups, with a mix of patterns using the livery colors plus additional colors to break it up. I decided to go with Trollope over Lord Clifford for the third commander because I wanted the Longbow units to be easily distinguishable on the table. Clifford’s colors are white and red, too close to Northumberland’s colors.  I included a detail of the white stag some archers wear on their tunics.

The second unit is the Mercenary Crossbows. These are foreign fighters from the Continent, not in direct service to any lords or nobles. Thus they have no common livery or unit colors, instead using a wide mix of colors and patterns. I did opt to sprinkle in a bias of yellow/black, the colors of the Swiss canton of Uri. The Swiss were always in demand during the time period, so it fits. And as before, it allows for easy identification across the table.

I’m not too happy that the Crossbowmen I got for the unit were all the same sculpt. The monopose is annoying for stand-based minies. I did try for variety with a little more staggered formation on the bases, as well as the colors. I also decided to create a ‘command’ stand for the unit, to show their separation from the proper retinue troops. A Swiss mercenary captain in Uri colors, accompanied by a man-at-arms with a big ax (plus crossbowman) finishes off the unit.

The medium foot for the army are done now. All that remains is the Mounted Knights (4 stands) and 3 groups of Dismounted Men-at-Arms (12 stands), as well as the 3 commanders.