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Corax, penultimate

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Corvus Corax, Primarch of the Raven Guard Legion, is nearly done. Like all the other Primarch miniatures from Forgeworld, he is very complicated and detailed. This means he has taken some time to finish to a high standard.

Here he is nearly completed. I mounted him to the character base, that will in turn fit in the scenic base. I painted him on his own before I mounted him, because he’s big enough already, and the base would have presented an unwieldy grip. Plus, there would be a higher chance of tipping and breaking (plus rubbing paint off the base piece).

I took pics from several angles, to highlight his detailed armor. His armor plates are smoother than his Primarch brothers, with inset base relief surfaces and decoration resembling Celtic knotwork (similar to some of the Heresy-era Raven Guard decoration seen on the standard Marines and vehicles from Forgeworld). The only things missing from the completed model is the pair of wings on the jump pack and his other holster and whip (left off for ease of painting).

Being Raven Guard, he of course wears all black armor, the only contrasting color being a shiny silver for armor trim and weapons, some gold, leather pouches, and white/bone decoration. A few spots of bright blue show up in the jewels in his Legion symbol and the exhausts of the jump pack. The lightning claws got a blue wash and highlight with pure silver to make them very eye-catching.

Before I mounted Corax to the base I took a pic of the Traitor Marine he’s posed in the act of shooting. This one was painted as a Night Lord in Mark III armor, with the standard deep blue plating and bronze trim. He got a skull Death’s Head ‘mask’ on his helmet and a winged skull Legion symbol. A few lightning bolt effects on his armor break up the flat plates. I really love the posing on this model. He’s sprawling back, a hole punched right through his chest, shrapnel scoring the underside of his faceplate. His weapons are just barely attached to the model, showing them about to fly free once he falls back. He brings some needed color to the full Corax model, but his smaller size means he won’t upstage the Primarch.

Next up, the finished Corax!


The Warmaster Horus!

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The arch-traitor, heretic, and fallen son, Horus, The Warmaster, Primarch of the Luna Wolves (later the Sons of Horus) is complete.

This miniature, like Feruss Manus before, was huge. He was quite complicated, with lots of detail, broad areas of armor, visible machinery, and a wolf pelt and cape bigger alone than many other miniatures. His base was a nice affair- a broken statue to the Imperium piled over a marble staircase. Like the other Primarch models he has both a standard 40mm base for use on the gaming table, along with a decorative display base. The stone was given a white alabaster marble effect, with gleaming white edges. Skulls barely stand out from the rubble, while twisted girders add some color.

The client wanted Horus’ armor to be black, representing him just after his fall. The deep black and burnished gold and brass contrast nicely with the white base. His wolf pelt and red cape give the character some warmth and motion (and break up a largely monochromatic color scheme).

I included several angles to highlight the details in such a large figure.

Edit: Upon request, I’ve added some closer pics to better show details.

Next: Vulkan, Primarch of the Salamanders!

The Despoiler!

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In my years as a miniatures painter and gamer, I’ve somehow never painted Abaddon the Despoiler before. Well here he is, Warmaster of the Black Legion of 40K, in all his glory. I included a couple angles to show off his signature weapons, his sword and the Talon of Horus.

The black and brass armor (with gold adornments) was easy enough, but then I needed color to bring him to life. So, keeping the red hair he’s often depicted with, but darkened to a less garish tone. I added bone at various parts of the armor to break up the metal and black.

The biggest color splash is his Daemon Sword Drach’nyen. I wanted something that would be obviously otherwordly and not a piece of technology. The blue-violet-red  effect was careful wetbrush blending, drybrushing, then a layer of gloss to make it gleam.

For Chaos!

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The new Chaos Space Marine Codex means I’m returning to my Death Guard Marines for Warhammer 40,000. Mostly, I’m adding new units, or working on others that were improved by the new book. See the Chaos tag for more pics of the Death Guard.


First, one of my Obliterators. The base model for my Obliterators is the Bauhaus Vulkan Battlesuit from Warzone, with plenty of 40K bits and green stuff, for the appropriate rotten look for a follower of Nurgle. It even started out with the proper spiked Pickelhaube so common with the Death Guard Legion. The color scheme harkens back to the Legion’s original white and green, though muted and stained by time and corruption. I wanted the unit to look positively ancient compared to the rest of the army, who have shades of dull or dark green as their color scheme. I also added an insert shot of his little buddy, a spotty Nurgling.

Next are some of the Chaos Spawn I’ve added. I had acquired a box of Dire Wolves (from Vampire Counts) for some future project (now forgotten with time). I liked the idea of a pack of Spawn, themed to be big vicious wolf monsters. So, the Dire Wolves became the Pox Hounds, Spawn of Nurgle. Each sports its own unique mutations, as befitting creatures of Chaos. First is festooned with arms, claws, and other appendages; the second’s ribs have extended out into spidery limbs; the third is positively bursting with tentacles. In addition, a gaping maw gnashes in its belly. Lots of green stuff, plastic carving, and deep bits box searching.

Death Guard 3

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More from my Death Guard army. Nurgle is my favorite Chaos power, since for me it offers the best conversion possibilities. Most of my Plague Marines were in fact loyal Marine models with tons of conversion work, arm and weapon swaps, etc. At  the time it was cheaper than the real things.

Death Guard Marines 2

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Here are the Chaos Lords that I often use. The one with the scythe is Lord Anopheles of the Death Guard, while the red gentleman is Skirrax of the World Eaters. I used to have a more mixed force of Death Guard, World Eaters, Black Legion, Night Lords, etc. But I decided it didn’t look very good on the table. So I cut back or repainted units to feature the Death Guard and Plague Marines. The rest went on the shelf.

I mixed parts from loyal Marines, Chaos Marines, Orks, and zombies to build my army. The Plague Marines (and their Lord) tend to have more parts from zombies; often they have one arm from a zombie, to highlight their rotten natures, and make them stand out from the bulk of the Marines more.

Death Guard Marines

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Here are a selection of my Death Guard Chaos Space Marines for 40K. I designed them as a off-shoot warband of the Death Guard Legion, based around their lord Anopheles, with a mix of Plague Marines and ‘standard’ Chaos Marines. The army color is a deep black-green, with black and boltgun metal, as well as a mix of other greens and tans. I didn’t want the army to have too much unity, being Chaos, and I figured they would have scavenged gear and acquired converts and newer recruits. The Plague Marines tend to be duller greens and browns.