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Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on March 27, 2015 by Sean

I keep adding members to my Nasier force from Wrath of Kings.

The Rathor is a big specialist model, standing on a huge 50mm base. Thus he’s got a lot of detail and room for decoration. I made his skin follow the rest of the army, offset by a white mask and back spine and black armor. He has arm wraps in the same manner as the Ashmen.

I decorated his mask and spine with flame patterning, and his skin with scars, arcane marks, and random kanji. The kanji for fire (hi) appears on his belt buckle.

I also have some more of the Pelagarths finished. I decided to greenstuff in some loincloths on some of the Pelagarth Bloodmasks. I think it breaks up their very basic outlines (since they are effectively manikins otherwise) and gives more visual flair. Both sport kanji decoration. My next batch of Pelagarths will all have the loincloths.


Anglo-Saxon Ealdorman

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on July 9, 2014 by Sean

Anglo-Saxon Lord


My SAGA warband is completed with the arrival of my Warlord, a fine Anglo-Saxon Ealdorman.

He’s armed to the teeth of course, with a sword and spear. He stands on an ancient caern of stones to elevate him above his throng. Shields decorate the base, and a banner flutters in the breeze.

He was converted from the standard Wargames Factory Saxon Thegns box, with the addition of a cape from Warhammer Skaven Night Runners kit. His left hand got a swap so he could hold both spear and sword. His cape’s tie and the sword baldric were made from paper strips, with the clasps cut from plastic rod.

The kite shield was a standard cross design to tie him into the army (though the kite design differentiates it), while the eagle design on the round shield is a grab from some Saxon references. His clothing got extra decoration with dog’s teeth trim. With the red cape, he really stands out.

Maybe now that he’s painted, he’ll have some more luck in battle…

Eldar Retrospective

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on November 24, 2013 by Sean

I’m digging into some old models here…

Eldar were my first real army for Warhammer 40,000, back in 1st edition. The Laonne-Bann Craftworld did fine in that edition. Their army colors were a deep purple and white, with black as a detail color. Looking back, most of the paint jobs are not good at all, but hey I was still learning. I played them through 2nd ed, and tried my hand in 3rd. I didn’t like the way they played in 3rd edition, especially due to their reliance on Wave Serpeants and Falcons. The army got shelved for years.

Later, I dug the army up for a return to the table. The Guardians got repurposed, and repainted, for use in Stargrunt II, a future skirmish game that allows you to create your own armies and rules. These models are a selection of the repainted units.

The Farseer has been converted a little, with the great helm reminiscent of Dream of the Endless (from the comic The Sandman). I added the “trunk” of vertebrae in Green Stuff, and emphasized his pouch and ruby (more accoutrements of Dream).

The Warlocks share black cloaks, but I allowed plenty of individuality, with helmet, weapon, and detail colors varying.

The Guardians have a lot of variety in their colors, though all follow the general color scheme. I figured the individual details might point to past “lives” of the Guardians, like Aspect Warriors or pilots. The Guardian with the Fusion Gun in particular wears Guardian armor in the style of a Fire Dragon (actually just a 1st edition Fire Dragon model with added back vane).

CORE Objectives

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on October 21, 2013 by Sean

These odd things are the objectives I use for my CORE army in Dark Age.

The concept is of a series of random machines, left to rust in the desert. They were designed as a ‘catch-all’ template design, with a metal cylinder containing a specific device. Think something that could be deployed quickly, easily, with a minimum of fuss, and automated to do its job.

In this case, the first image is a power generator/transmitter unit and water reclamation unit. The third objective in the second image has been wrecked, possibly scavenged by animals or humans. A Menial Bot stands by to give a sense of scale. I gave a view from two sides to show off detail. The devices are covered with warning and caution labels, written in English, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian, as well as the caution striping found all over my CORE robots.

The objectives themselves are simply register tape rolls, tape rolls, and odd bits from all over.

The Nameless Children of Nurgle

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , , , on April 12, 2013 by Sean

In addition to the Chaos Spawn and Obliterators, I’ve been working on Cultists for my Death Guard Chaos Marines. They represent the sort of ragtag force that form around a Chaos invasion like flies, hoping for mercy or a chance to be blessed by the Chaos gods. They are formed from Imperial Guard deserters, hive block rabble, forgotten menial workers, and assorted ex-prisoners and madmen/women.

The miniatures are from several ranges, including 40K, Necromunda, Warhammer, and some others (potentially Shadowforge, but I can’t remember their origins). An Imperial world is wide open forĀ  dress and appearance, from the tarnished military precision of the cult leader (as well as his Dawn of War inspired back harness, nicked from Chronopia), the ragged diseased mutants of the inner circle, and the outer circle, less touched by Grandfather Nurgle, desperate for absolution.

For Chaos!

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The new Chaos Space Marine Codex means I’m returning to my Death Guard Marines for Warhammer 40,000. Mostly, I’m adding new units, or working on others that were improved by the new book. See the Chaos tag for more pics of the Death Guard.


First, one of my Obliterators. The base model for my Obliterators is the Bauhaus Vulkan Battlesuit from Warzone, with plenty of 40K bits and green stuff, for the appropriate rotten look for a follower of Nurgle. It even started out with the proper spiked Pickelhaube so common with the Death Guard Legion. The color scheme harkens back to the Legion’s original white and green, though muted and stained by time and corruption. I wanted the unit to look positively ancient compared to the rest of the army, who have shades of dull or dark green as their color scheme. I also added an insert shot of his little buddy, a spotty Nurgling.

Next are some of the Chaos Spawn I’ve added. I had acquired a box of Dire Wolves (from Vampire Counts) for some future project (now forgotten with time). I liked the idea of a pack of Spawn, themed to be big vicious wolf monsters. So, the Dire Wolves became the Pox Hounds, Spawn of Nurgle. Each sports its own unique mutations, as befitting creatures of Chaos. First is festooned with arms, claws, and other appendages; the second’s ribs have extended out into spidery limbs; the third is positively bursting with tentacles. In addition, a gaping maw gnashes in its belly. Lots of green stuff, plastic carving, and deep bits box searching.

Mangler Squigs

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , , on January 18, 2012 by Sean

Here is my version of the Mangler Squig from the Orcs and Goblins army for Warhammer. I went with a mob of (relatively) normal squigs herded by a pair of hardcore nutter goblins, rather than the huge and expensive official set.

I wanted plenty of motion and energy, with bright colors and the trailing chains. The big morning star swinging around came out looking good, I think. Any second it could swing around and take out one of the goblins, but hey you’re going to lose a few…