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Warmachine: Halloween Horror 3!

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on October 28, 2013 by Sean

More spooky minies for October…

Here is a selection of my Cryx army for Warmachine. Some of these paint jobs are quite old, from the start of the game years ago.

First is the Witch Coven of Garlghast, the three warcaster sisters. They wear black armor and cloth, with the odd green and brass accoutrements matching the rest of the army. The skin is extremely pale, with just enough hint of life, to offset the black clothing. It also draws the eye when they’re mixed in with the rest of the army on the table.

Next is the Egregore, the Coven’s altar/focus/floaty spiky thing. It follows the color scheme, with more glowing green effects. I pinned it to the base on wire to give it the illusion of floating. I covered the pin with putty, and married it to a group of scream spirits (nicked from the Deathjack). I liked the idea of the mistand glowing necro-goo seeping from the Egregore spilling freed ghosts as it pooled under it.

The rest of the pics are a Necrotech, a spider-legged mad scientist type, and his creations. The Scap Thralls are simple models, but I had fun with the mix of skin tones, bone, and rusty tech. Additionally, there are some Bile Thralls. More necrotic skin tones and corroded metal, though I brightened them up a little with the hoses painted red to emphasize them.



Posted in Miniatures with tags , on March 18, 2010 by Sean

I’ve just recently gotten back into Warmachine, with the new Mark II rules. Here is a small group of my Cryx army.

It represents the basic battle box. Deneghra, 3 little bonejacks, and the Slayer helljack. I’ve also included a pic of the Seether helljack.

The army colors are obviously black, with dark green and brass as accent colors. The armor plates were gloss varnished to make the jacks more resemble insects.