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Tallymen of Nurgle

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on September 11, 2013 by Sean

I’ve been adding some Daemon allies to my Death Guard Chaos Space Marines for 40K. At the moment, I’ve plotted out ~200 points of a Herald of Nurgle and 10 Plaguebearers. Who knows, maybe this will lead to a full army of Chaos Daemons.

The Plaguebearers come from the current plastic kit, which I think is amazing. Took GW long enough… The pic shows a few Daemons, plus a second pic with one of the old Realms of Chaos metal Plaguebearers. He’s so small compared to the new stuff. Inserts show details of interesting wounds or weapons. I’ll finish the rest of the unit soon.

I experimented with lots of washes and stains, and plenty of variety of necrotic, rotted colors. These guys should be gross, after all, being servants of the Plague God. Chaos should be a bit chaotic in its color schemes, tied by common themes. The addition of some gloss varnish to highlight certain spots on the miniatures helps make them seem more ‘alive’.