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Deathwatch: Heavy Support

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , , on January 6, 2017 by Sean

The Deathwatch Kill Team I’ve been working on gets its final members, in the form of some heavy support (psychic and heavy weapons that is).

The Space Wolf Rune Priest gives the unit some close combat and ranged psychic punch. Despite his black armor and silver left arm/shoulder, he is proudly Space Wolf, with fur cape, loincloth, runes and charms, and his wild braided mane. He doesn’t have a standard Deathwatch shoulder pad like the others in the squad, since he was a solid single piece model (aside from weapon hands and backpack) and thus the shoulder was sculpted too deep into the model to modify easily. Instead he got a gold field with black edging and a fanged skull transfer. The edge of his force axe was detailed with a lightning effect.

The first of the heavy weapons Marines is a Salamander. He carries the heavy flamer of course, decorated with plenty of battle honors. He got a Mark 4 Maximus armor helmet, giving him a vaguely reptilian look. He wears black armor, aside from the Salamander chapter shoulder and a battle honor on his right knee pad. He and the Storm Warden, like most of the rest of the squad, were built from a mix of plastic Tactical Marines and Sternguard Veterans. Their weapons both come from that kit, the better to showcase their status as well-equipped veterans.

The heavy bolter Marine is a Storm Warden. Unlike other Marines I didn’t have a molded Chapter symbol for the right shoulder pad, so I painted the lightning bolt on shield. The Marine also has a shield-shaped plate (from the plastic Terminator kit) covering his shoulder joint which repeats the design . The case for the heavy bolter is red like the bolters carried by the Tactical Marines, better to make it stand out from his black armor. He has a Deathwatch helmet from the upgrade kit.


Deathwatch: Tactical

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , , , on December 2, 2016 by Sean

The Deathwatch Squad I was working one earlier (see the Assault Marines) get expanded with some members with bolters. Like the others they wear black power armor, with their personal chapter symbol, and the distinctive silver Deathwatch shoulder and left arm. They all carry the specialized bolter with all its attachments and extra ammo feeds. All the squad’s members have accessories that showcase their chapter character. I used a mix of Tactical Marines bits, as well as Sternguard Veteran and Deathwatch pieces. These Marines were built before the Deathwatch plastic set came out (just my luck).

The Ultramarine was built to be the ‘squad leader’ type, directing his comrades in battle. This gave him a nice open stance, his right arm holding his bolter away from his body to further widen his pose. He got extra purity seals, scrollwork on his chest piece, and the Roman-esque garlanded helmet and baltea (the groin guard strips). Overall this gave him the character of the ‘glory boy’ Centurion.

The Exorcist was more closed in posture, reflective his sinister nature. He got extra details to show his personality, including prayer scrolls- wrapped around his arm and hanging from his belt. He carries a demonic skull as a talisman, reflected in his chapter icon. His icon was a transfer with additional painted details (and arcane script). He also has the most skulls of any member of the squad.

The last member here is the Dark Angel. His role is Apothecary, so he carries the narthecium and medic backpack. He wears the off-white robes of the Deathwing, befitting a veteran of the chapter. I made his robe a duller shade of ivory to tone it down against the black armor. His armor is almost a throwback to the Legion colors, and he wears a modified Dark Angel icon on his right shoulder. His pose is relatively passive, compared to his squad mates, reflecting his support role.

The last few members of the squad will follow shortly.

Deathwatch: From the Skies

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , , , on September 14, 2016 by Sean


I’ve been working on a selection of Deathwatch Marines for a client. The full squad will have 10 men, all from different chapters. These 3 Assault Marines are the first grouping. They were all built from the Vanguard Veterans box, with assorted extra head and weapon swaps from other sets. In addition, they use the Deathwatch metal shoulders from the conversion kit. Like all Deathwatch, they wear black armor and left silver shoulder pads and arms. The silver was made by P3 Pig Iron over black, washed with blue ink, then highlighted by Pig Iron/GW’s Mithril Silver.

First is a Black Templar. His color scheme is obviously the least changed from his normal colors; black is black for a Templar. Out of all the models he bears the most purity seals, as well as an appropriately knightly helmet.

Second is a Blood Angel. His red scheme is only represented by the right shoulder, swiped from the Blood Angel Death Company set. I gave him ornamented weapons and decorated scroll work on his jump pack. His helmet has a halo of spikes, further reinforcing the angelic feel. His shoulder has the name ‘Gaius’.

Third is a Raptor. His Mark 6 Corvus ‘beakie’ helmet and winged skulls on his jump pack link him to the bird theme of his chapter. He uses a pair of lightning claws, held in a close quarter stance. The left arm and claw is of course silver, contrasting nicely held across his body. His shoulder has the name ‘Falco’.

More to come!

Deathwatch: The Beast

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on May 24, 2016 by Sean

The Genestealer Hive members from Deathwatch: Overkill are all done!

The last members of the hive are the Patriarch and the Primus. The Patriarch is the spiritual and genetic center of the hive, the originator of the infection that the Hybrids spread. I love the model for the Patriarch. He’s just huge and scary, covered in jagged spikes and ridged armor plates. The pose is also nicely threatening, poised on a cool base. Skulls, slime, and industrial mechanisms are the order of the day for your Aliens-esque monster.

The Patriarch has a few Marines helmets with him, possibly from the previous Kill Team (as alluded to in the fluff of the Overkill game). Red and green helmets are generic enough to stand in for various Marine chapters, and provide splashes of color on a model with no equipment or clothing. The model has enough going on that I have a second pic for more angles to show off detail.

The Primus is the senior Hybrid for the hive, alongside the Magus. Being a 4th Generation hybrid means he’s nearly human, but the extra arm betrays that a bit. He has the same clothes as the common Hybrids, though his black and red long coat look snazzy. The sword got a green appearance to really highlight its poisonous nature.

The Marine Kill Team members will follow eventually.

Deathwatch: Inner Circle

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on April 27, 2016 by Sean

The Genestealer force from Deathwatch: Overkill is almost complete.

The Magus is the powerful 4th Generation psyker who speaks for the Patriarch. I love the sculpt, with his billowing robe and commanding posture. He stands out in the throng with the red and gold details.

The Princelings are generic Genestealers, so not much to say there…The details are nice, though I wish they had given them more than one sculpt. The only difference between the two is position of their arms. These guys follow the color scheme of the client’s Tyranid force.

The Familiars give a Gollum vibe. Little goblin-Genestealers, with malevolent expressions. Their red clothes give them a splash of color. I opted for a Dark Angel helmet for one to crouch over, since it was a striking green color compared to the pink and blue.

Almost done!

Deathwatch: Brothers Abberant

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on April 15, 2016 by Sean

More Genestealer Hybrids erupt from the dark from Deathwatch: Overkill. The Brothers Abberant are a new concept for the Hybrids; they didn’t have this unit in old Genestealer Cult armies. These guys are mutant members,  with hunched backs and weird growths. They’re larger than the other Hybrids, so they’re carrying big mining hammers and picks.

The other pic is the 1st and 2nd Generation Hybrids, formed into a close combat squad. There are 6 separate designs, doubled up for the 12-man squad. Massed together they present a scary front of spiky blades and limbs (and lolling tongues, of course).

Next are the Hybrid leaders and the Purestrains.

Deathwatch: The Faithful 2

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More Genestealer Hyrbids from Deathwatch: Overkill. These are the 1st and 2nd Generation Hybrids, the most alien members of the hive.

On the table they form a close combat squad, as opposed to the 3rd and 4th Gen squad armed with ranged weapons. Their more alien nature shows through their pink skin and exposed blue chitinous limbs. There will be 12 in all, but these 6 are the sculpts (2 of each in the squad).

Next up, the Aberrations.