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Drowned Earth: Dinos Dinos Dinos

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on January 15, 2019 by Sean


Dinosaurs! Pretty simple, really.

These dinosaurs are from the Drowned Earth skirmish game. The players’ gangs can be joined by dinosaurs, or they can feature as living terrain hazards.

Fist off are a pair of Domeheads (aka Pachycephalopsaurus). These relatives to the Ceratopsians had thick skulls covered in nobby horns. They probably engaged in some big horn sheep-like territorial/breeding shenanigans. I painted the pair with simple drab colors, with a stripe of black down their backs. I put extra color into their craniums and bellies.

Next are a pair of Troodonts, bird-like theropods. They were sculpted with full body feather covering, so I went for a bright plumage. Their purple bodies got bright blue tips on head, tail and arms. The limbs got lighter tints of  the same purple.

Last are some Dilophosaurus, another type of theropod. They are known for having crests on their heads, and thanks to Jurassic Park, frilled-lizard-like neck wattles. These sculpts are really small for real Dilophosaurus, which were ~23′ long in reality. I opted for a mid-tone orange-brown for the bodies, lighter underbellies, and vivid pink crests to really make them stand out.


Drowned Earth: Dinos and Gorillas

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on November 30, 2018 by Sean


I’ve finished the Militia starter for Drowned Earth. These three members round out the unit. There’s plenty of diversity at play here.

The human girl, Juchita, has a nice run n’ gun pose (and legs for days). She got the same uniform as the other Militia members, though a few ad hoc pieces of gear reinforce the setting. I made her a redhead to brighten her color scheme.

The next member is a Saurian with a beret. I gave him a deep grey-blue skin tone so his fatigues and red beret would stand out. I like his skulking pose, and of course his Ray Bands.

Last up is the team’s gorilla with a chaingun, a staple of every good setting. It’s pretty well sculpted, giving him a sense of weight and mass. His chaingun got a few washes to show metal fatigue and wear and tear. I went with realistic skin and fur.

Alongside the Militia I finished a pair of Yuttaraptors (sic). These Utahraptors are very well sculpted, with a nice sense of speed and viciousness. The color scheme was done for a sense of realism, with a darker grey skin tone to make the bright red feathers really stand out. I added an area of dark brown stripes down their spines in the vein of big cats.

In one pic, I included a better shot of the basing for the models.

Drowned Earth: Mad Max with Dinos

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on September 29, 2018 by Sean

I’m working on a small commission of the Drowned Earth skirmish game. It’s a post-apocalyptic game based around small teams of soldiers in ruins and water-logged jungles. I’ll be working on a few of the starter sets of different factions, along with some extra dinosaurs. This game has dinosaurs!

The first group is the Militia starter set. I’m not up on the lore, so to keep it simple I’m following the sample color schemes I’ve found around online. I went for a common uniform color of a deep green with black boots. The ad hoc nature of the setting means their bags, web gear, holsters, etc. could have a variety of finishes.

The sniper, Hove, has a nice dark color scheme, befitting a stealthy fighter. His dark skin and overall darker uniform is offset by his Rambo bandana and a blue shoulder pad for accent.

Forek, apparently some sort of dwarf (or the setting’s equivalent), has a squat body built of pure muscle. He definitely is inspired by Dutch from Predator.

The Oviraptors are nicely sculpted, with some plumage along their tails and arms. I painted them to resemble tropical birds.

A note on their bases- I wanted the bases to the models for the game to look like overgrown jungle terrain, with a mix of flocks, stones, and junk. Some bases got patches of water to represent the rivers and lakes common on the battlefields for the game.

More to come from this game: the rest of the Militia starter and even better, more dinos!