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Saga: Fantasy- A&A

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I’ve been playing the newest Saga expansion, the Late Roman-era Aetius & Arthur. I thought some of the new factions would work nicely for some of the Warhammer factions I couldn’t match up before.

Empire: The regimented order of the army and its ability to hold the line and initiate sudden strikes that the Roman faction uses would fit the Empire. This version of the Empire is an ‘earlier’ tech level of the city-states, before widespread gunpowder weapons.

Warlords are Empire nobles, career officers or blue blood royalty. They can fight on foot or mounted on fine steeds.

Hearthguard are the Knights, the elite core of the Knightly Orders like the Reiksguard, Knights Panther, or Blazing Sun, fighting mounted, or Greatswords and Swordsmen, fighting on foot. For an additional 1 point, up to 8 Hearthguard can be fielded as Cataphracts, representing the Inner Circles of the Knightly Orders

Warrior are the State Troops, loyal soldiers of the city-states. They can fight with sword, spear, or halberd (with Armor 4), or take to the field as Huntsmen, carrying bows (with Armor 3).

Levies are the Militia, the common rabble called to defend their realm. They can carry shortbows and throwing axes (javelins) or be fielded as the Free Companies. Free Companies generate 1 Attack for 2 members in melee (unlike normally 1 for 3), and have Armor 4. The player may also remove 6 Levy and replace them with an Artillery Piece manned by 2 Levy crewmen. The piece (Range 2xL) could represent any of the weapons of the Empire, like a bolt thrower or light cannon. The Artillery generates Attack dice when it shoots equal to half the members of the target, reducing their Armor by 1. Each time it fires it gains a Fatigue.

Lizardmen: I figured the defensive nature of the Britons, backed by their heroic Warlords fighting on the front line, leading by example, and directing their men to victory worked to represent the Lizardmen, or at least a Saurus and Skink-focused force.

The key value for the army is Inspiration. Units within S (2″) of the Warlord count as being Inspired. Various battle board abilities only work for Inspired units.

Warlords are Scar Veterans and Oldbloods, ancient born fighters, survivors of countless battles, and direct servants of the Slaan. They can fight on foot or ride Cold Ones. The Warlord can be accompanied by a pair of Temple Guard, called Companions. They form a unit with the Warlord. The Companions extend the 2″ range of the Warlord’s Inspiration from themselves as well. If the Warlord has Companions, he cannot use Side by Side.

Hearthguard are the Temple Guard, hand-picked Saurus decked in the finest armor and jeweled weapons. They can fight on foot or ride Cold Ones.

Warriors are appropriately the Saurus Warriors, bestial reptilian soldiers of the Slann cities.

Levies are the Skinks, diminutive skirmishers and scouts. While lacking in combat ability, they can rain death from their javelins or blowpipes (bows/slings).

Savage Orcs: I decided after playing the Saxons several times, the utter mindless brutality of the Savage Orcs was a good fit. With only fighting on their frenzied minds, the Orcs rush into combat heedless of danger, determined to crush the enemy or die trying.

Warlords are the Savage Orc Bosses, hulking beasts of green muscle, protected by bone ornaments and warpaint, their belief in their invulnerability equal to true armor.

Hearthguard are the Big ‘Uns, the strongest members of the tribe. They group in mobs of their own, ready to stomp anything in reach.

Warriors are the Boyz, the common Orcs of the savage tribes. They lack the brutal strength of the Big ‘uns but make up for it in numbers.

Levy are the Yoofs, the youngest and weakest Orcs. Not yet to the level of a proper member of the mobs, they instead use ranged weapons to pelt the foe while the Boyz close in. Alternatively they could represent Forest Goblins pressed into service. They are armed with bows or slings.


And here is a break from Aetius & Arthur factions. I wanted to add in an older faction that I never got around to, based on the Normans from Saga: Dark Age.

Wood Elves: The mixture of archery and shock cavalry exemplified by the Normans fit the Wood Elves well enough. It does somewhat ignore some the stronger close combat units and the various tree spirits, but it will do for now.

Warlords are the Kindred, leaders of one of the numerous kinbands. They can represent Glade Lords, fighting on foot or mounted on stag or Elven steed, or even Branchwraiths or Treemen fighting on foot.

Hearthguards are the Nobles, elite guardians of the Wood Elf realms. They can fight on foot, using their swordstaves, or launch themselves into combat as Wardancers. They can also take to battle mounted as the Sisters of the Thorn or Wild Riders. Alternatively, Heardguard on foot can also be represented by Dryads.

Warriors are the Eternal Guard, the common members of the kinbands. They fight in ranks of spear on foot, or mounted as Glade Riders. One unit (of up to 8 members) can carry Elven Longbows, representing the Waywatchers. Longbow-armed units reduce their targets’ Armor by 1, but also lower their own Armor by 1.

Levies are the Glade Guard, the militia of the army. They carry bows, firing in massed ranks of black-feathered arrows.

There’s still more factions to convert to Saga: Fantasy. I’ll add them eventually.


Empire: Fancy? Quite.

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More Fancy Lads characters for the Empire. In a sea of infantry and repetition, these characters provide me with something interesting to paint.

The Captain is from Forgeworld’s Manann’s Blades command group, with Captain Van Der Kraal¬† himself stepping forward. He’ll be used as a generic Empire Captain, though he’s quite distinctive from the other Captains in the army. As usual for Forgeworld models, he’s highly detailed (even over-detailed in my opinion), with drapery, armor, and extra decorations. I find Forgeworld sculpts can be very busy, with lots of very small and fine detail. Their sculpting tends to be ‘fuzzy’ compared to the cleaner standard GW style. Imperfect castings can also be problematic. I do like his brass peg leg though.

The Engineer is a standard GW plastic kit. We’ve opted for the telescope over the Hochland long rifle. He’s a relatively simple model, though his scope and wacky helmet let him shine. As with the Captain, he continues the army colors of yellow and purple. A black longcoat acts as a good neutral color. An interesting bit is the little satchel bag on his back. The bag came from a WWII German kit. I needed something to fit on his back, as the strap for the bag (or rifle bit that comes with the kit) is sculpted to the back, so without it you have a big gap.

Last is another Warrior Priest. He’s built from the extra bits that came with the War Altar of Sigmar kit. He’s pretty simple as a sculpt, but the spartan decoration suits him.¬† The red cloak matches the other Warrior Priest for the army, making both stand out in the masses of yellow/purple. I’ll be getting to Volkmar the Grim himself sooner or later.

Empire: Thunder

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I’ve been working on the Fancy Lads force for the Empire. Most of what I’ve done has been duplicate units (Halbderdiers, Handgunners, etc.) so I haven’t added new pics.

Here is another unit of Handgunners. They carry on the Lads’ color scheme.

The new unit I’ve been working on is the Knights. A welcome change from the Lads’ color and details, these guys have nice heavy metal armor covering them and their horses. They still have yellow and purple shields and saddles, with purple lances. Feathers and ribbons also match the army’s scheme. To make them stand out a bit more their shield devices are washed with blue ink and highlighted silver.

There’s a full unit to get to, and then a couple units of Demigryph riders. More to come!

Empire: For Sigmar!

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More Fancy Lads for the Empire! I’ve been working on more Halberdiers to add to the unit I finished earlier. That unit will eventually be a 50-man unit when it’s done.

Meanwhile I’ve been doing smaller units and characters to mix it up.

The Warrior Priest is a standard model (Finecast), without any modifications; it’s good on its own so that’s fine. I painted him in typical colors for a Priest of Sigmar, with metal and red being the most prominent. His gloves are a warmer brown than the rest of the army, and his armor was washed with black and highlighted with silver to give it a very strong gleam. The red is a deep crimson, which contrasts nicely with the metal and gold details. His only nod to the Fancy Lads’ army colors is a purple bag on his belt. Otherwise, he stands out well.

In addition, I’ve added yet another artillery piece to the army (in the end there’s going to be a dozen guns of various types). Here is a Great Cannon with its crew. The cannon is imposingly big next to the men. I kept the crew colors muted like the other crews I’ve done. Black and purple shirts help show these guys are sooty after a few shots (without having to actually dull out their colors).

More Fancy Lads on the way…

Empire: Flights of Feathers

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More Fancy Lads for Empire!

This time around there’s a Captain and a Crossbowmen unit.

The Captain is fancy indeed, with yellow and purple slashed jacket, felt hat, and three of the largest feathers in the whole Empire. I made sure he looked very lavish. His armor got a blue wash followed by silver highlights (and gold trim) to make it look very clean and expensive, especially compared to the armor of the State Troops units. His broadsword got extra scoring on the blade to make it look ancient, a weapon passed down through generations. The shield features the same color pattern, with a nice skull/scroll decoration. The scroll bears the words, “Per Aquam Et Ignem” (Through Water and Fire), the motto of the county town of Wexford in Ireland. The army colors are the same as Wexford’s.

Alongside him is a Crossbowmen unit. These guys are the same models as the Handgunners, just with weapon swaps. They follow the scheme of the rest of the army of course. I opted to add a trooper with black jacket in the middle front rank to break up the color scheme and maybe count as a champion for the unit.

Next, more Halberdiers and Great Cannons, and then Swordsmen…

Empire: Black Powder

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The Fancy Lads mercenary company for a client’s Empire force gets some needed black powder reinforcements.

The Handgunners are attired in the same yellow/purple color scheme, carrying long-barreled guns (which due to Warhammer’s heroic scale, must be at least 5-6′ long!). They rank nicely, with the first rank firing and the second either waiting their turn or loading. These smaller regiments of troops are more interesting to paint, as you’re done much faster than a massive block, thus avoiding the boredom of 30+ of the same guys.

I’ve already posted the Helblaster gun, but I’ve since mounted it on a base to avoid tipping on the table (the weapon pieces make it top-heavy). It ties them into the army as well; I’m not a fan of artillery pieces sitting flush on the table. I also finished a second carriage, this one featuring the Helstorm rockets. The idea is that both carriages have the Helblaster gun and Helstorm rockets as separate bits, allowing for them to swap as needed.

Next: Crossbowmen and Empire Captain!

Empire: Fancy Lads Halberdiers

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The Fancy Lads Empire army is well underway. The first Halberdiers unit is complete, a 20-man block, with their command section detailed in the pic. The purple/yellow color scheme looks good as a full unit, with blue, red, and white as strong contrasts.

The models are fine, but they do take a lot of effort to rank them up; the halberds are thrust out over the shoulder/into the head of the man to their front and left, so it creates plenty of space issues. When I build full ranked units, I make sure they rank up, usually building 2 ranks at a time. Once done, the members get numbers on the undersides of their bases to make ranking them a breeze. I didn’t actually build these models, so I had no choice in that matter.

Next up are Handgunners and Crossbowmen, as well as some characters. More to come!