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Ferrus Manus- Stage 1: Base- Iron Hands Marines

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The next step for Ferrus Manus’ scenic base are some of his troops, the Iron Hands.

The first pic is the Marines blacked in. Since their armor is a sooty charcoal black (see previous Iron Hands Marines I’ve done on the site) I started with Craftsmart Black. It has a dull matte appearance, perfect for the effect I wanted. I then highlighted along the edges of all the armor plates with GW Dawnstone, keeping highlights subdued. All metal pieces of the Marines got a quick pass with black to base them for metal. Bags and pouches were based with P3 Battlefield Brown.

The second pic is the Marines metal and detailing. The pouches were highlighted with a mix of P3 Battlefield Brown and Moldy Ochre, with a light wash of Devlan Mud to knock tone them down. I decided to go with all Pig Iron for the metal parts, even the decoration, to distance them further from the opulent Emperor’s Children Marine, with its gold and bronze (top 2 pic details). The metal was washed with Nuln Oil and then Agrax Earthshade, with emphasis on the shoulder pad rims and backpack exhausts. The edges were highlighted with Pig Iron, then Pig Iron/Mithril Silver on a few points (bottom 2 pic details). Battle damage and scratches were picked out in the same fashion. Their eyes were done with Khorne Red, highlighted with Flash Gitz Yellow.

Next up, Manus himself!


Ferrus Manus- Stage 1: Base- Emperor’s Children Marine

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The first stage of the Ferrus Manus from Forgeworld’s Horus Heresy Primarchs- his scenic base.

I wanted to get the somewhat complicated base out of the way, partially because it will ease me into the rather detailed Manus himself, but also to help establish color, contrast, and temperature for further work.

The first pic is the stone and debris. First, the stone got a base coat of Vallejo’s German Grey. Some portions got a Nuln Oil wash. Then the whole was highlighted with a mix of German Grey/GW’s Dawnstone, with further highlight with Dawnstone/Administratum Grey, with a final pure Administratum Grey for the upper surfaces. I picked out the ubiquitous skulls with a black, with a base of P3 Battlefield Brown, with a mix of GW Steel Legion Drab/P3 Hammerfall Khaki/White for midtones and highlights. A few random rocks were painted with various browns and whites to add some variety.

In addition, I picked out some girders sticking out of the rubble. They were painted with Battlefield Brown, and highlighted along the edges like the skulls above. I used a loose patchy touch to make them look pitted and corroded. They were finished off with a light drybrush of Vallejo Red Leather to give a rust effect. Overall this gives Manus a nice neutral space to stand on. His color scheme is very cold and monotone, so this base won’t distract from him, but at the same time it will add some visual flair.

The second pic is the Emperor’s Children Marine at Ferrus Manus’ feet (the other two Marines are Iron Hands, to be worked on later).

1. The Marine was picked out along his edges with black. His base coat was MSP’s Imperial Purple, with a wash of GW’s Druchii Violet.

2. Next was the highlight on his armor. A mix of Imperial Purple/Administratum Grey, with a further edge highlight of Imperial Purple/white. After that, all the parts that would end up metal were painted black.

3. The metal parts got their basecoats. Gold plates and edging were done with GW Gehenna Gold.  The piping and armor joints were Pig Iron. Small decorative skulls were done with Vallejo Bronze.

4. Gold plates and edging was finished with a wash of Seraphim Sepia and Nuln Oil, then highlighted with Gehenna Gold/P3 Pig Iron, with the strongest highlights with Gehenna Gold/Mithril Silver. Piping and joints were washed with Nuln Oil, followed by highlights of Pig Iron. Battle damage on the armor followed the same lines as the piping, with a light drybrush of grey to tone it down. The decorative skulls were washed with Agrax Earthshade, followed by highlight of Bronze.

5. Another angle of our dead friend. In this one you can also see the eye, done with GW Regal Blue, with highlights of Regal Blue/Underbelly Blue/White. The other eye socket is caved in (presumably by Manus’ hammer) so it was left empty.

Phew! Lot of work for a piece of scenery eh?

Iron Hands

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I’ll be working on the Space Marines Primarchs from Forgeworld. The first up is Ferrus Manus, the Primarch of the Iron Hands. The first pic is the basic Manus, on a 40mm base. The miniature is huge, towering over even Terminators. He’s basically a 54mm scale model here. I’m looking forward to working on him. His color scheme will be black, some skin, and white and yellow metal.

The second pic is the scenic base that he came with. The ring of dead Marines and wreckage nicely hides his own base. An extra piece will allow this scenic base to join the scenic base for the Emperor’s Children’s Primarch Fulgrim (to be painted eventually). The pieces of the base have been magnetized to keep them together on the table.

I’ll be posting updates as I work on Manus.