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Deathwatch: The Beast

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on May 24, 2016 by Sean

The Genestealer Hive members from Deathwatch: Overkill are all done!

The last members of the hive are the Patriarch and the Primus. The Patriarch is the spiritual and genetic center of the hive, the originator of the infection that the Hybrids spread. I love the model for the Patriarch. He’s just huge and scary, covered in jagged spikes and ridged armor plates. The pose is also nicely threatening, poised on a cool base. Skulls, slime, and industrial mechanisms are the order of the day for your Aliens-esque monster.

The Patriarch has a few Marines helmets with him, possibly from the previous Kill Team (as alluded to in the fluff of the Overkill game). Red and green helmets are generic enough to stand in for various Marine chapters, and provide splashes of color on a model with no equipment or clothing. The model has enough going on that I have a second pic for more angles to show off detail.

The Primus is the senior Hybrid for the hive, alongside the Magus. Being a 4th Generation hybrid means he’s nearly human, but the extra arm betrays that a bit. He has the same clothes as the common Hybrids, though his black and red long coat look snazzy. The sword got a green appearance to really highlight its poisonous nature.

The Marine Kill Team members will follow eventually.


Deathwatch: Inner Circle

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on April 27, 2016 by Sean

The Genestealer force from Deathwatch: Overkill is almost complete.

The Magus is the powerful 4th Generation psyker who speaks for the Patriarch. I love the sculpt, with his billowing robe and commanding posture. He stands out in the throng with the red and gold details.

The Princelings are generic Genestealers, so not much to say there…The details are nice, though I wish they had given them more than one sculpt. The only difference between the two is position of their arms. These guys follow the color scheme of the client’s Tyranid force.

The Familiars give a Gollum vibe. Little goblin-Genestealers, with malevolent expressions. Their red clothes give them a splash of color. I opted for a Dark Angel helmet for one to crouch over, since it was a striking green color compared to the pink and blue.

Almost done!

Deathwatch: Brothers Abberant

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on April 15, 2016 by Sean

More Genestealer Hybrids erupt from the dark from Deathwatch: Overkill. The Brothers Abberant are a new concept for the Hybrids; they didn’t have this unit in old Genestealer Cult armies. These guys are mutant members,  with hunched backs and weird growths. They’re larger than the other Hybrids, so they’re carrying big mining hammers and picks.

The other pic is the 1st and 2nd Generation Hybrids, formed into a close combat squad. There are 6 separate designs, doubled up for the 12-man squad. Massed together they present a scary front of spiky blades and limbs (and lolling tongues, of course).

Next are the Hybrid leaders and the Purestrains.

Deathwatch: The Faithful 2

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on April 3, 2016 by Sean


More Genestealer Hyrbids from Deathwatch: Overkill. These are the 1st and 2nd Generation Hybrids, the most alien members of the hive.

On the table they form a close combat squad, as opposed to the 3rd and 4th Gen squad armed with ranged weapons. Their more alien nature shows through their pink skin and exposed blue chitinous limbs. There will be 12 in all, but these 6 are the sculpts (2 of each in the squad).

Next up, the Aberrations.


Deathwatch: The Faithful

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on March 22, 2016 by Sean

The Genestealer Coven’s Neophytes swarm! I’ve finished the ranged attack Hybrids from Deathwatch: Overkill.

This squad also has rules for the Neophytes in 40K proper, with 12 autoguns, 2 grenade launchers, and 2 mining lasers. The squad followed the color scheme from the Hybrids I posted earlier. The 4th Generations have paler skin, while the 3rd have pinker skin, making them more alien. I added some pics for more detail (front and back).

I swapped the heads of the duplicate models to add some variety.

The close combat Hybrids are next!

Deathwatch: Overkill

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , , on March 9, 2016 by Sean

The Deathwatch: Overkill box is out, and of course I’ve got it in the rotation for a client.

First off, these models are amazing. The Marines from the Kill Team are appropriately detailed, more of the same really. Marines are Marines, in the end. The Genestealers on the other hand are wonderfully done. They run the gamut of Purestrain, to 1st through 4th Generation Hybrids. As a WH40K grognard, I love the call-back to the 1st ed 40K Genestealer cult designs, with the ribbed armor and autoguns.

These guys here are the 4th Gen Hybrids, the most ‘human’ of the hive. I also included a 3rd Gen member, since he was finished. He serves as a contrast to the 4th Gen, to show off the difference in posture, skin tone, and features. The second pic highlights the details of the armor and equipment.

The client wanted them painted in the same manner as the box set examples, though the 3rd Gen’s exposed chitinous arms favor his own Tyranid army’s color scheme.

More to come as I finish the boxed set.