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Bolt Action- Objectives

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on August 5, 2015 by Sean

I’ve finished some Objectives for Bolt Action. A bunch of fuel dumps seemed good for my Germans to defend/capture, but they’re generic enough for use for any army.

The fuel drums are a mix of metal drums from my bits box, some drums from GW’s vehicle accessories sprue, and an odd jerry can from the Hanomag’s sprue. One has a rifle and ammo belt stashed amongst the drums (presumably from the erstwhile guards?). Two objectives are on the same 60mm balsa wood bases my medium and heavy weapon teams sit on, while the middle one is on a thicker cork wood base. This thicker base helps it stand out as a ‘primary’ objective over the other two, in scenarios that use such a thing.

The drums got the same German Grey as the army’s vehicles, with additional weathering and rust effects from drybrush and washes.

I’ll probably build more Objectives later, especially if I start another army…


Bolt Action Battles

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on June 28, 2015 by Sean

This week my gaming group ran a Bolt Action tournament, 1000 points.

We have a good number of players in our area, which is why we were somewhat disappointed that we didn’t get a great showing on the day (only 5 of 10 promised showed). We carried on anyway, with the organizer sitting out to keep it even. We had 2 German players (myself included) and 2 American players. My force was 3 Heer Infantry squads, a Pioneer squad in a Hanomag, a MMG, Medium Mortar, PaK 36 AT gun, 2nd Lieutenant, sniper, and a Panzer III.

First scenario was Maximum Attrition, with my Germans vs. Americans. This American force was plenty of small infantry squads (the meta around here is lots of small squads, though I don’t play it like that) backed by a Sherman, scout car, an Engineer squad, air observer, and a bazooka team. Under the cover of darkness, we both advanced, with my Panzer knocked out by 3 6’s from the bazooka on the first turn (ouch). After that the only real shooting was my sniper, who collected 4 kills over the course of the game. Then the sun came up and the real firing began. Short range shooting and close assaults cut squads to pieces.In the end, I had lost my Panzer, a Heer squad, and the Hanomag (in addition to several men from other squads), while the Americans lost their bazooka team, 3 Rifle squads, and men from other squads. Overall, a draw, though my opponent was ahead on VP’s.

Second scenario was Point Defense, vs. the other American army. His army favored several minimum-sized squads so he could have 2 platoons, allowing for 2 air observers and 2 snipers. The first turns saw 2 aerial bombardments on my lines, crippling 1 Heer squad and killing my MMG. Another strafe later crippled another Heer squad. I tried pushing to take an objective, cutting American infantry down and using cover while I could. My sniper took out one air observer before he could call in his second air strike and a Lieutenant who was rallying the American lines, while my PaK 36 nailed one of his snipers. I lost the Pioneers, MMG, Mortar, Lieutenant, and several riflemen, while the Americans lost 2 Rifle squads, air observer, lieutenant, a sniper, and lots of random rifles. In the end, my opponent held his objectives, so it was another draw on VP’s.

Third scenario was Hold Until Relieved, vs. the other German player. Our armies are very different. He had 3 Hanomags, a Stuka zu fuss, air observer, lieutenant, Pioneers, sniper, and 3 Brandenburg squads. The army was full of assault rifles, so his small squads could easily outshoot my larger rifle-armed squads. He was the defender, so I had to push up to an estate in the center alongside a road where the objective sat. The game was a slaughter, with few models left on either side by the end. The Stuka zu fuss nailed one of my Heer squads first turn, making sure it was unable to act the rest of the game (6 pin markers by the end), while his planes dive-bombed his own objective-holding squad, wiping them out. The center saw several assaults and plenty of crossfire until I had a single Infantry model holding the objective at the end of Turn 7. I lost 2 Heer squads, my Lieutenant, the MMG, and all but one of the Pioneers, while the other force lost the 3 Brandenburg squads, the Pioneers, all 3 Hanomags, the Stuka zu fuss, air observer, Lieutenant, and the sniper (taken out by my medium mortar team, the first time it’s hit in a game).

The overall result for me was 2 Draws and a Win, which made me winner on Tourney points and VP’s. Fun series of games, though I was reeling in all of them until the very end.

I added a couple new units to my army before the tournament.

The Pak 36 (Panzerabwehrkanone 36) anti-tank gun was the most recent addition. For early war games, like my army is built for, it seems to do very well. I painted it in the same German Grey as the vehicles. In the course of the tournament, it accounted for a sniper (blew him out of a clock tower ala Saving Private Ryan), a SdKfz 251 (and the Heer squad inside), and a SdKfz 250. It also glanced off a Sherman, forcing a motivation check that went fubar (lucky I know, but satisfying).

The Flammenwerfer team is another very useful unit. I’m of the opinion it might be too good in-game. It costs the same as a light machine gun in a squad, but I have yet to see a flame thrower attack that didn’t simply destroy the target every time. The flammenwerfer is usually part of my Pioneer squad, riding in the army’s Hanomag for rapid deployment. In the tournament, it eliminated a US bazooka team (running out of fuel after that) and Rifle squad. It got taken out by a sniper in the third game before it could get in range of potential targets.

What’s next for my force? Not sure. I might add some more weapon and support teams to let me change up on a whim. I might also upgrade units for Mid-War battles. We’ll see.

50 Followers! Fanfare and cannon fire!

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on May 7, 2015 by Sean

Amazingly, my humble miniatures blog has acquired 50 Followers! Thanks to everyone who follows me, and especially the folks who comment and ask questions.

In a nice convergence of events, I have also finished my Bolt Action German force! Here is the last team, a trio of fellows manning a 7,5 cm leichtes Infanteriegeschütz 18 (7,5 cm le.IG 18), an infantry support gun. The unit counts as a light howitzer, so it can cause real damage if it zeroes in on its target. In the 4 games I’ve played with it, it hasn’t hit a $%@! thing. Maybe a paint job will alleviate matters…

The gun has the same German Grey base color as the vehicles, but I added extra levels of highlighting, along with more dusting. A few rust spots and mud stains finished it off. The metal crew are nice enough, but I really prefer the plastic infantry.

I plan on adding to the force in the future, but for now it’s all done. Very satisfying when that happens.


Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , , on May 5, 2015 by Sean

The Panzer is here! The Panzerkampfwagen IV (Pz.Kpfw. IV) Ausf. D rumbles on to the table alongside the Heer infantry for my Bolt Action army. In the few games I’ve gotten in, it’s helped catch enemy targets in the open, with a combination of speed and long range firepower. It’s not tough enough to go toe-to-toe with other big tanks, but it will threaten light tanks and infantry nicely.

I painted it in early/mid-war colors. It got the same German Grey (from Vallejo) as the Hanomag, with the addition of some simple camouflage. Splotches of GW Rhinox Hide, stippled with a Vallejo Flat Brown/GW Rakarth Flesh mix give it a nice look. I added a few crosses on key points. References for the color and placement of the crosses was contradictory (as usual) so I went with what looked good. Here I used the ‘open’ cross from France and Russia. The Hanomag uses the filled-in cross instead.The tracks and wheels got some dusting to make them stand out, and the engine got plenty of exhaust staining, but I kept the tank overall pretty clean.

I might purchase a Panzer III for variety at some point. The lighter tank is cheaper points-wise, which will give me opportunities to play with other toys in the army, while still having some firepower.


Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , , on May 2, 2015 by Sean

The German army for Bolt Action is nearly complete.

Here is the army’s Sd.Kfz. 251, aka the Hanomag. So far, there is only one in the army, for rapid deployment of a squad or acting as moving cover for infantry. In a recent game, the Hanomag ferried an Infantry squad from flanking reserve, weathering some sniper fire, before deploying them on to the enemy objective. The added speed and protection impressed me enough to keep it around (previous games had not impressed me).

The Hanomag is in early war colors, the basic German grey (using Vallejo German Grey). I wanted it to look pretty clean, to match the troops. I added a few bits of stowage, but again kept it to a minimum (both for aesthetics purposes and speed of painting). A couple of transfers finish off the insignia.

I also have a pic with the Heer infantry as they deploy from their transport. An interesting thing about Bolt Action is the odd scaling of vehicles, compared to infantry models. Vehicles are maybe true 25mm or even 20mm, as opposed to the 28mm scale of the rest of the models. This gives vehicles smaller footprints on the table, which I think is better for play.

Finally, an MG43 medium machine gun team sets up to cover the advance. This is the one group of models that aren’t technically early war. I unfortunately misread the package and bought them before I realized they don’t match the rest of the army (I should have grabbed an MG34 instead…). The crew’s uniforms are mid-to-late war, with added camo nets on the helmets and leggings. One member got a head swap to a bare helmet to help them sort of match the early war look. Oh well, close enough right? For Bolt Action, a medium machine gun is a medium machine gun.

Covering Fire

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on April 14, 2015 by Sean

My German army for Bolt Action is almost complete. I’ve finished the Infantry squads and commander, so I’m working on the army’s support weapons.

First is the sniper team, with the shooter himself and his spotter. The models are on separate bases, but I wanted a scenic base to put them together. Separate bases allow me to place them in terrain, and remove the spotter if the unit takes a casualty. The sniper has one of the Wargames Factory Heer model kit’s scoped Karabiner 98k (the rest of the infantry models are from the same kit).

Next is a medium mortar team, a 8cm Granatwerfer 34 (love the German literalism here). The crew are actually metal Wargames Factory models, so look somewhat odd next to the rest of the army’s plastic soldiers.

All of the army’s weapon teams (whether larger support weapons or squad-based LMG’s) are on larger bases, so I could give them more detail. The odd loose rocks and tufts of taller grass help break up a relatively boring model grouping. I also have some pics of the mortar’s spotter. Lots of binoculars in this army; a result of lack of good right arms for the plastic kit, actually. It gets repetitive.


Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on April 4, 2015 by Sean

My German Heer force for Bolt Action is nearing completion. I posted some earlier, but I have gone back to fix some details for accuracy. The soldiers got proper shoulder-boards, collars, and helmet markings (the black/white/red shield on the right side, an eagle on the left).

Here are 2 of the Infantry squads; 10 men units with their light machine gun teams. The last pic is the the army’s Lieutenant, with his assistant, both armed with a submachine gun. He got a nice peaked officer’s cap, while his sidekick got a sidecap to help them stand out.

Edit: And it seems I still got some details wrong. Sheesh…the process never ends.