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Dorn’s Sons

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on January 24, 2014 by Sean

I’ve wrapped up the current crop of Imperial Fists Space Marines, only to start a new commissioned army, this time Black Templars Space Marines. More Marines, but at least they’re not yellow. Black and white is such a blessing.

The Chapter Master for the Imperial Fists is a pile of gaudy armor, with tons of decoration, honors, and antique wargear. His chainsword was done to look ancient, with a bronze case, gold embellishment, and silver teeth. His shield was made to resemble the marble effect that also shows up in the Terminators and their Lightning Shields. I gave him the horse hair comb on his helmet with red and black striping. The banner was pretty simple (mostly due to space).

The Black Templars are basic black and white. The right shoulder has the Maltese Cross, and the left scripture, slogans, and random honor symbols. Additional text shows up on kneepads or on flat areas of armor. These Marines come from 2nd Tactical Squad, designated by the II on their right knee pads. The models were built with a mix of standard Marine bits, with added Templar-specific bits, such as the chained weapons and armor plates.

I marked out the Sergeant with a tabard and black left shoulder (with white text).



Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on January 19, 2014 by Sean

Yet another update on the Imperial Fists Space Marines army I’ve been working on.

The army is continuing with another couple squads. Obstensibly, the client is aiming for the 3rd Company of the Imperial Fists. I’ve worked on enough Captains, Chaplains, Librarians, and such to pad that out, alongside the Tactical and Devastator Squads. More to come…

Here is the Standard Bearer for the Company Command Squad. More free-painted scrollwork alongside transfers finish it off.

Marines Triumphant!

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on December 13, 2013 by Sean

Another round of Imperial Fists Space Marines… more specialists and characters. The client wants as many options as he can get.

-Captain, with relic blade and plasma pistol. This brings the total to more than a dozen Captains/Chapter Master models for the Imperial Fists army. Nearly every weapon and gear load-out is represented.

-Company Champion. This guy is pretty basic, with a power sword and Combat Shield/Storm Shield. His toga and horsehair comb give him a nice Roman look, making him stand out.

-Apothecary. This Marine was done in pure white, not the easiest paint job that’s for sure. Red and gold were good contrasts to the very clean power armor.

-Librarian. His blue armor was a wonderful change from the rest of the army. Regal Blue with white/blue highlights kept him dark, with the ubiquitous red toga for accent. I also used more darker ‘yellow’ and ‘brown’ metals like Vallejo’s Tinny Tin and GW’s Gehenna’s Gold with Earthshade Wash to keep his scheme dark. The black shoulder pad with white text was done for generic decoration. The client wanted the option to use the Librarian in his other Marine armies.

Techmarine and crew

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on November 28, 2013 by Sean

The Imperial Fists army I’ve been working on for a client gain a new specialist, a Techmarine. The client wanted a Techmarine with generic coloring, so he could use it for other Chapters of Space Marines (ones I’ll be getting to eventually). I went for a deep red, with minimal decoration. However, the cog/skull symbol of the Adeptus Mechanicus is picked out in white and black. The pipes were done in a variety of colors, mostly metal, dark green, and black and yellow hazard stripes to break up the red scheme. An insert of the miniatures shows the detail on the scroll hanging on his belt, possibly an ancient blueprint or code printout.

The Servitors were also done in generic colors. Two got dull green coveralls, while the others got red and grey. The bionics were kept dull Boltgun, with black casings on the Heavy Bolters and ammo hoppers. Their skins were painted in a fashion to emphasize their unhealthy nature, with purples and greys mixed in to give them pallor.

Chapter Masters 3

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on November 8, 2013 by Sean

I’ve finished the final Captains of the Battle Companies of the Imperial Fists Space Marines.

First is the Master of the Armory. He’s got a straightforward upright stance, looking like he’s on guard. The huge shield and axe give him the attitude of a man not to be trifled with. He also has very little decoration (at least compared to the other captains).

Second is the Master of the Recruits. I like his aggressive stance, looking like he’s leading troops to attack, or just bawling out a random Scout. He’s certainly well distinguished with over 10 purity seals on him and his gear. Imperator!

Third is the Master of Executioners. This guy could have used a more energetic pose, what with being an Assault Company Captain, but it’ll do. He’s certainly the captain with the most bling and decoration on him. Even his jump pack is encrusted with it…

Fourth, a Chaplain. This is the new kit that was recently released. I’m impressed with the detail and sculpting they could get with plastic.

And, next, something completely different: more yellow marines!

Chapter Masters 2

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on October 11, 2013 by Sean

The march of the Imperial Fists Space Marines continues… This time it’s more Company Captains, from the Apocalypse formation.

First is the Master of the Fleet. This is my favorite of the Captain miniatures. I prefer his general level of decoration and affectation, as well as his stern attitude. His hammer is also quite no-nonsense. I kept his colors simple, with a few digressions like the blue gem on his shoulder, and his hammer was simple,  with a solid boltgun color. The scroll on his grieve says ‘Anteus’, a reference to the titan from Greek myth. Son of the Earth goddess, he drew strength from the Earth itself (and was killed by Hercules during one of his trials). Seemed appropriate for a Marine based on Holy Terra.

Second is the Master of Rites. This one is rather elaborate, covered in etching, scroll work,  and detail. I like the sculpt of the cape draped over his arm, and his face has a lot of character (and scars). The client built him without the floating loudspeaker, and swapped out his baton for a proper sword. The word ‘Vis’ on his shoulder scroll means ‘power’ or ‘brute force’.

Chapter Masters

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on October 4, 2013 by Sean

More Imperial Fist Space Marines, in this case a pair of Captains from the Masters of the Chapter formation.

The first is the Master of Relics, wearing his trusty Mark III armor, toting a honking big combi-plasma gun. The client left off the servo-skull that normally comes with the minie.

The second is the Master of Marches, with his hybrid Mk IV and V armor, bearing a backpack with some nice speakers. He certainly pushes the limits of Marine ostentatiousness… We left off the cherub with the long scroll.

More to come.