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Stealth and Honor

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on March 26, 2014 by Sean

A few more troops join my Japanese force for Infinity.

First, a Raiden Seibutai, master of ambush and blasting things with a honkin’ big machine gun. His colors are the same as the rest of the force, with bone armor and dark blue hakama. His helmet was already skull-like, so a little death’s head decoration finished him off.

Next, a Ninja. Simple dark blue color scheme, broken up by black and white. I love the pose; it’s very dynamic and active.

Finally, a Tokusetsu Butai, one the army’s engineers and general fix-its. He also has a scheme matching the army, but the addition of the helmet and gas mask give him a distinctive look. He’s also loaded down by bags and satchels.



Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on December 5, 2013 by Sean

More from my JSA force from Infinity…

First, the Domaru Butai. I wanted a color scheme that would go with the force’s neutral tones, but also wanted to make her stand out. I chose the dull green, contrasted by white and dark red. The right shoulder also has a family name kanji.

Second, the Aragato Senkenbutai, the biker unit representative. I went with an obvious red bike ala Kaneda’s superbike from Akira. The rider has a white bodysuit, with red panels and details; the base color of the white is the same bone color as the rest of the force. The white would be the ‘standby’ color for the memetic body suit.

Infinity: Banzai!

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on October 25, 2013 by Sean

I’ve been building my Japanese Sectorial force for Infinity. I posted some test models earlier.

Here is a Kempeitai, my second in command. I chose the female sculpt, because the pose was more dynamic, and I liked the idea of a force where the majority of its models (and all its leaders) were women. She wears the same colors of bone and deep blue, with the only real accents of color coming from the unit sigils on her shoulders, as well as the LED display on her rifle.

Next is the unit’s Karakuri combat bot. ‘She’ has a variety of roles depending on the mission. The model also allows for a splash of brightness surrounded by the relatively drab uniforms of the rest of the unit. The white was built up from a light grey and successive layers of white and grey.

The list I’m working toward for now is 200 points.

-Domaru Butai Lieutenant w/ Chaingun

-Kempeitai w/ Combi-rifle

-Keisotsu Butai w/ Combi-rifle

-Keisotsu Butai w/ Combi-rifle and Light Grenade Launcher

-Aragato Senkenbutai w/ Spitfire

-Karakuri w/ Combi-rfle

Infinity test

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on July 29, 2013 by Sean

Keisotsu Butai

I’ve considered getting into Infinity lately. I picked up a few of the Sectorial Japanese forces to try painting them, to see if I enjoy it. These are a pair of Keisotsu Butai, standard grunts in the Yu Jing faction. The Ghost In the Shell/Appleseed inspired units have a great appeal. Just need more demo games to convince me to proceed further.

I opted for a realistic uniform, with dull bone armor plating and slate blue clothes. I love the sculpting on the hakama. I couldn’t resist giving the female trooper with grenade launcher some anime hair.