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Saga: Gods and Monsters

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on June 15, 2016 by Sean

I’ve been doing a few odd projects between larger ones for various clients (and myself, to prevent burnout). Some examples are a few characters for Saga: Dark Ages.

The first is an Irish (really, very Celtic) Warlord/Priest for a client’s Irish warband. He’s aggressively naked, ready to go on his rampage. Unafraid of the enemy, his only adornment, aside from the fancy hood, is warpaint. I sourced the imagery from various places, but favored spirals, swirls, and random symbols. I went for an asymmetric approach to make it more interesting. Beside him he has a trusty Irish wolfhound. His druidic weapons are bloody sickles. The miniature is from Warlord Games, from the same set as the Irish priests from the previous Saga: Celtic Lore post.

The second pic is a Welsh bannerman from my own Welsh warband. He will carry one of the force’s standards, or just ‘count as’ just for visual flavor. His banner is much less showy than the other Welsh standard, so he might be a Warrior instead of a Hearthguard. I painted the banner based on contemporary art styles. The minie is from the Gripping Beast Defenders of the Faith set. I like the idea of a local monk joining up with the warband for some proper religious fun (he might even be a brother or cousin of the Warlord).


Saga: Celtic Lore

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on April 9, 2016 by Sean

The Irish get a little Celtic pride with the addition of a Warlord and some priests. These guys are from an Irish Saga warband I’m working on for a client.

The Warlord is a sort of Celtic throw-back for the Irish host. The miniature itself a Barbarian King from CMON, an obvious Conan expy. He’s certainly not really historical, with his mismatched armor and weapons. I painted the loincloth a red/white plaid to tie him in with the rest of the army. He also got some wode and tattoos with common Celtic symbols. The rocky base also emphasizes his more ‘primitive’ nature.

The other pic is a pair of Druids from Warlord Games. They’ll stand in as warriors or priest for the warband. Fairly simple in detail, I used broad earthy colors to make them fit into their natural roles. They’ll stand out nicely as a pair of old codgers in the mass of troops.

Saga: Avalon

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , , , , on March 16, 2016 by Sean

I have started a Saga campaign, based on a mysterious island in the English Channel called Avalon. I have 11 players involved so far. We did the first turn this week, with the first battles. I’m very happy it’s gotten Saga back in play at my FLGS, with 4 new armies started!  My own Anglo-Saxons hit the field, as well as some of the Irish I’ve done for a client (also in the campaign).

-Anglo-Saxons vs. Moors

-Vikings vs. Milites Christi

-Saracens vs. Bretons

-Irish vs. Vikings

Saga: D’ya like dags?

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More Irish for Saga: Dark Ages!

These fellows are Bonnachts from Gripping Beast, the Warriors for the warband. I’ll probably be dong another group of these eventually. They show more skin and no armor, with simpler color schemes compared to the Fianna. For decoration, I gave them a mix of plaid and striped trousers. Like the Fianna, I added detail shots of the shields and cloaks.

Irish warbands can field 8 Warriors as Wolfhounds, so here’s a full unit for the client to swap if he wants. These hounds are from North Star miniatures. They’re pretty simple sculpts (there are only 2 sculpts out of 8, unfortunately). I converted some of them to add some variety; I cut the bases of the striding dogs to change them up.

Saga: Sons of Eire

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The Irish arrive for Saga: Dark Ages!

I am working on a force for a client, using Gripping Beast metal models. The first members of the warband are the Hearthguard, known in the Irish warband as Fianna. They are a mix of Fianna and Norse-Gaels models.

The first grouping is the Fianna, the chosen bodyguard and elite warriors of the warband. They have a mix of weapons, and a good amount wear some mail and helmets. They probably have more armor than historically accurate (mail being rare in Ireland then) but it will help distinguish them from the basic Warriors and Levies of the warband.

The Fianna get lots of color, with varied plaid and striped clothing. I included detail shots of the unit’s shields. They are a mix of Irish designs, with addition of a few Orlanthi runes from Runequest. These are sufficiently ‘Celtic’ to blend in with the historic designs, but also flavor the models for use in fantasy games.

The second grouping are the Curaidh, the great champions of the Irish force. These uber-Hearthguard are from Gripping Beast. They have a lot of personality, with unique poses and hairstyles. They got the same plaid styling for their clothes that the Fianna did.

More to come!