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The Walking Thunder

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , , on May 1, 2017 by Sean

WAAAAAAGH! Da Boss is ‘ere!

I’ve finally finished the Megaboss for my Ironjawz force for Age of Sigmar. This was done just in time for a campaign to start at my FLGS. For this campaign, the Megaboss is known as Grishnak the Walking Thunder. This is in keeping with my Ironjawz/Orcs & Goblins army name, the Stormbringaz. I know that storms and thunder are the hallmarks of the Stormcast Eternals for Age Of Sigmar, but I named and designed my Orcs 3 editions ago, and am not ceding the name for no one.

Grishnak here is truly huge, towering over everything else in the army, including the River Trolls that sometimes show up. This guy sits on a 60mm base (here a resin one from Secret Weapon, a broken temple/castle, matching the other characters in the army).

I liked the original figure, but felt that he needed a little more ‘oomph’ to show him as the true beast he is. There’s the obvious skull bosspole strapped to his back, as well as an extra club on his left side (just in case) and a helmet hanging off his right side. He might not wear it too often, but I wanted the helmet to visually tie him to the Ardboys (aka Black Orcs).

His back armor got a few more plates made of plasticard, another trophy skull got added, and even his huge choppa got a pick on the poll (the back edge). The dragon skull on his shoulder got a series of spines (plastic bits and green stuff) to break up the otherwise smooth line of the crown of the skull. He’s spiky everywhere else, best to continue that design aesthetic. A horned skull from the Brutes box finished off his left shoulder (I wasn’t a fan of the Bloodletter skull bit he came with).

Color scheme was easy enough. Even if he’s a boss, he still has battered black armor, decorated with bone white dog’s teeth, lightning bolts, and checkers. The larger size of his armor plates gave me more room to decorate, with the choppa’s head especially getting a big checker design; though being the business end of a choppa, it’s scratched, dented, and bloodied. Like the rest of his army, there is very little symmetry involved in the design of the markings, rather I added them where it might look cool. The only other colors added were various browns and a blood red, which shows up in the ragged loincloth and a trophy (ribbon/beard?) hanging off the bosspole.

Now that the Ironjawz contingent of the Orruks and Grots army is done, I can turn to adding more Moonclan models, especially characters.

AoS: Brutality!

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , , on March 1, 2017 by Sean

The Brutes are finished for my Age of Sigmar Orruks army. This is at the moment my only real addition I’m making to my existing Orcs & Goblins force, though I might acquire a Warchanter and Weirdnob Shaman to supplement them later.

The first two members were already posted, and here are the final members, a basic Brute, a Brute with a Gore-choppa, and the Boss.

The Brutes follow the same design as the previous members, with checkers, dog’s teeth and lightning bolts decorating their heavy scarred black armor. The Brute has a cool trophy on his shoulder in the form of a Stormcast mask trophy, his pose a nicely threatening one backed by the checkered sword. I added a back plate to his armor, since to me it looked a little exposed.

The Brute with the Gore-hacka is a good definition of excess, with a sword so big that other blades are nailed to it. The blade was a great surface for decoration, so it got a field of checkers and dog’s teeth to really make it stand out from his body’s black armor. I used one of the Boss heads with its metal jaw plate and the jaw neck decoration, since I figured he’d be the veteran behind the Boss. He is barefoot, so I felt I had to give him some Hulk pants to go with his green feet.

The Boss of the unit is a pretty mean fighter, so I wanted to make him to be obvious in the swirl of melee (and if I used the Ironfist formation, which would give him 2 extra wounds and make him a sub-commander). With that in mind, he carries a icon attached to his back plate. The unit doesn’t get a standard of its own, but I wanted some form of trophy for them to focus on. His big Boss Klaw was painted black, the blades devoid of decorations, instead scraped down to the bare metal. The klaw gets used a lot, obviously.

Looking forward to them on the table!

Warhammer: Age of WAAAAAGH!

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , , on February 22, 2017 by Sean

With a resurgence of Age of Sigmar in my area, I’ve decided to dust off the ol’ Orcs and Goblins to try them out. Respectively called the Orruks and Grots now, I might as well have them hit the table- the army’s painted already right? I still used them for Warhammer 8th, 9th Age, and Kings of War, but all three are pretty scarce at my FLGS. Age of Sigmar it is then. I’ve gotten some games under my belt, and it’s a fun system. Pretty simple compared to 8th edition, but I was able to finish the games in less than an hour, which would get me through roughly the first 2 turns of a standard Warhamer game.

I don’t have to buy much for my army to get it playable for AoS, since I’m sitting on a treasure trove of extra Orcs and Gobbos yet to be painted. I plan on adding a unit of Boar Boys, adding to the Savage Orcs, and expanding my Black Orcs units so I can field 3 10-Orc ‘Ardboyz units.

These Ironjawz Brutes represent the new purchase for the Greenskinz army for AoS. I’m still getting the hang of building forces under the Battlescroll system, but I know I want some of these monsters in my army. I also figure I could treat them as Trolls or unit fillers for KoW or WHFB 8th-9th. They got the army colors of my Stormbringaz Orcs and Goblins army, with plenty of checkers, dog’s teeth, and lightning bolts befitting these elite warriors.

The Brutes are great models, with a good amount of detail- pitted and broken armor, layers of plating and leather, and nicely sculpted faces. The kit has lots of extras in the form of shoulder decorations, weapons, and arm options. They work with a rather limited range of design, being just bigger Orcs really. Interestingly enough, the Brutes have a very different sculpt than the old Orcs. They have different proportions; still heroic, but they have an erect posture and less gangly arms and squat legs. They also have smaller heads compared to their bodies. This is not a deal breaker of course, and it helps that they are a head above even Black Orcs in height.

More to come.