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Posted in Miniatures with tags , on November 22, 2014 by Sean

The Mars Attacks!!! miniatures game hit the stores recently, and I’m painting my FLGS’s copy, with all the little Kickstarter extras. First up is a Giant Stompy Robotâ„¢!

This sucker is actually quite huge, measuring ~7″ tall, towering over 28mm minies in a proper menacing fashion.

For the color scheme, I went with a compromise between sleek futuristic and scary evil, so coal black armor plates and plain metal machinery were the result. This kept it looking scary, and the red accents stand out even stronger. The pilot in his bright blue and green armor is even more pronounced. I added some weathering and battle damage on the edges of plates; this robot’s been busy.

Details in the second pic include the pilot (in his cool plastic canopy), the glowing coils for the heat ray, and a couple human soldiers, victims of the Martians’ shrink ray (the kit actually comes with 15mm scale versions of the normal Human Soldiers minies).

More to come! Watch the skies! Ack ack ack ack!