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Napoleonic Generals

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , , on April 23, 2012 by Sean

Here are some of Napoleon’s generals, based for Field of Glory. This is part of a client’s continually built army.

The generals (from left to right) are Soult, Moncey, and Ney, each with a valet/bodyguard/subaltern.

The single-based models represent command pips; the client wanted models instead of counters on the table.


Napoleonic Cavalry

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , , on February 16, 2012 by Sean

Here are a pair of battle groups for the Napoleonic army I’m doing for a client.

First are Hussars, some of the most ostentatious cavalry I’ve ever done. Green coats and vest, red trousers and cuffs, collars, and plumes. The other are simpler, just Guard Lancers wearing the Polish style.

Napoleonic Battle Groups

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , , on November 22, 2011 by Sean


Here is a selection of Napoleonic soldiers for a client. The rules set used is Lasalle. The miniatures are 15mm, from Old Glory. The size of most Napoleonic armies (in this case for the Peninsula Campaign) means the army is just massive, with 10+ Battle Groups, including infantry, cavalry, and cannon.

I’m not very familiar with the Napoleonic era (at least as a gamer) so painting and organizing the units was a bit of work. Napoleonic soldiers were clothes horses compared to almost every historical models I’ve painted before. I tried to achieve authenticity for the units, even if they aren’t accurate as far as plumes/epaulets/sashes, etc.