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Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on March 27, 2015 by Sean

I keep adding members to my Nasier force from Wrath of Kings.

The Rathor is a big specialist model, standing on a huge 50mm base. Thus he’s got a lot of detail and room for decoration. I made his skin follow the rest of the army, offset by a white mask and back spine and black armor. He has arm wraps in the same manner as the Ashmen.

I decorated his mask and spine with flame patterning, and his skin with scars, arcane marks, and random kanji. The kanji for fire (hi) appears on his belt buckle.

I also have some more of the Pelagarths finished. I decided to greenstuff in some loincloths on some of the Pelagarth Bloodmasks. I think it breaks up their very basic outlines (since they are effectively manikins otherwise) and gives more visual flair. Both sport kanji decoration. My next batch of Pelagarths will all have the loincloths.


Nasier Leaders

Posted in Miniatures with tags , on February 20, 2015 by Sean

The Nasier army grows for Wrath of Kings. This time around I’ve completed a pair of Rank 1 Leaders.

The first is a Hakar for the Ashmen. He has a more elaborate mask and long topknot to make him stand out. I made his hair white to effectively extend his mask. The mask got a ‘flame strike’ symbol; in addition the left shoulder has the kanji for ‘swift’ (jin). His shield is a nice red contrast to his black and white color scheme.

The second is a Pelagarth Howl. Since she’s much more distinct from her subordinates compared to the Hakar versus his Ashmen, I put in more detail. Her ashy skin is prominent, like the Pelagarths, but at least she’s wearing more. The mane follows the style of the Longhorn, with white hair and red ties. Her horns were done in bone with a brown wash to make them stand out from the hair but not contrast too much. She has a kanji for ‘strength’ (chikara) on her shoulder.

More to come!

Nasier Forces

Posted in Miniatures with tags , on February 10, 2015 by Sean

I’ve been working on my own Wrath of Kings Nasier between other folks’ minies (have to break up work with my own stuff to avoid burnout). So far I’m working on enough minies to run the basic ‘demo’ level of the game.

This gives me:

2 Rank 1 Leaders (1 Ashman Hakar, 1 Pelagarth Howl), 12 Rank 1 Infantry (6 Ashmen, 6 Pelagarth Bloodmasks), and 2 Rank 1 Specialists  (1 Longhorn and 1 Rathor).

The first pics are of the Longhorn. I went for a paler version of the skin tone I established for the Ashmen and Pelagarth troops. The greater emphasis on the musculature and scars gave plenty of detail to work with. It contrasts well with his black clothing and dirty white mane of hair and beard. The little buckler he carries has an accent of red, the same red used on the skin for all the warpaint and runes, as well ties in his hair. I added random runic squiggles, slashes, and kanji on his skin. The left shoulder has the kanji for ‘oni’ which I felt was appropriate. The runes continue on to his sword.

The third pic is some of the basic troops. Top are Ashmen, done in the same fashion as the test model from earlier. The bottom row are the Pelagarth Bloodmasks. They follow the army colors (marginally) even with the little clothing they wear. Their skin being prominent, I added greater shading and highlights. Like the Ashmen, they have personalized masks; in addition their bare skin gets runes or slashes like the Longhorn.

Wrath of Kings: Nasier!

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on January 22, 2015 by Sean

The Wrath of Kings Kickstarter reward has finally arrived… I pledged for a Nasier starter army, with some extras. I’ve been toying with color schemes for some time, using a few sample minies I had acquired a while back.

This Ashman is the first test model. I liked the red/black/grey color scheme that is standard for Nasier, but I didn’t want to paint it for my own force. Instead I opted for a different use of the same pallet.

-The cloak and armor is black, with gold trim and accents on the armor plates and sword guards.

-The arm and leg wraps are a cool grey, highlighted with white.

-The bloodmask and the back spines are white.

-The various bags, scabbards, and belts got a greyish brown base, with minimal highlights.

-The only real splash of color comes from a red rune on the mask and shoulders (the right shoulder got the kanji ‘jin’ meaning man) and striping on the spines. I plan on making the red runes/marks unique to the individuals.

-I made his skin a dusky brown, resembling Middle Eastern skin tones (the whole style of the Nasier resembles to me Persian Samurai).

I like this color scheme, as it gives the Ashman a stately, bold look. We’ll see how it pans out over a whole army.

Also: 200 posts! Wow has it been so long already? I hope my followers and myriad visitors have been enjoying my work.