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Lords of the Mountains

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on November 19, 2016 by Sean

I’ve done a few Dwarf characters for a client’s Kings of War Dwarf army. The rank and file of the army was done by another painter, but the owner turned to me after the work was apparently less than satisfactory. He could abide by the army itself looking like it did, but he wanted his characters to really shine.

As the army is built for Kings of War, it’s a hodgepodge of company minies, the majority being Roman-esque Dwarf infantry and bear-riders from some company (maybe Black Tree Designs?). Sprinkled in are unit champions and characters from other companies. I’ve done Dwarf armies in the past, but I always find them pretty boring over the course of several dozen models. The beard/armor combination wears thin fast, and the miniatures soon lack any personality. Characters help break up this monotony.

The Dwarf Lord on foot is a GW model, with no conversion. He’s a great model with lots of grim personality. The brooding glare over his long mustache and solid stance make him really come alive. He’s not over-detailed, which is always a plus in my opinion. The color red is associated with the infantry in the army, so the foot-slogging Lord got the same color. His ‘common’ color marks him as lower level royalty. An element of color was the haft of his axe. I painted it in a pink marble effect, shot through with streaks of light and dark, to push it out from the background of black beard and steel.

The Bear Rider on the other hand is high royalty, exhibited by his purple clack and saddle. His armor is more elaborate, studded with runes, and his axe is held aloft directing his army. The model is from Reaper. His cape and bronze scale armor mirrors the bear pelt he wears, as well as the fur of his mount. One touch I like is the pipe tucked behind his ear for later. Even almost faceless in beard and helmet, he has a humanizing element.

The bear is nicely done, with subtle fur sculpting, even parts where the harness cuts into the fur. I painted it to resemble a Kodiak brown bear; I felt the realism would ground it on the table (its proportions in particular being realistic compared to the dwarf’s heroic proportions). It’s fun to paint a softer, less table-top contrast paint scheme, even if the rider himself follows all the rules for miniature painting of this scale.


Orc Slasher

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , , on January 24, 2016 by Sean


I posted my converted Orc Kludger on a Slasher for Kings of War a while back. I’ve finished the Slasher now, so on to the Kludger next.

The Slasher is a Reaper Burrowing Beast, with a built up saddle on its back. I wanted the Slasher to stand out from the army, so its carapace is a dark blue, decorated with yellow slashes, akin to a beetle shell. The saddle blanket and extra armor plates however do have the army colors of black, white, and red. The Kludger in the saddle will also follow the army colors of course.

Gettin’ Ready for Stompin’

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , , on November 15, 2015 by Sean

In order to break up the masses of basic infantry I’ve been doing lately (Goblins, Highlanders, Space Marines), I wanted to work on a big involved piece. A while back I spotted the ‘Burrowing Beast’ from Reaper Bones (aka the old Bulette from D&D) and figured it would be a great beast for use somewhere. I figured out I could use it as the generic Slasher for an Orc Kludger for Kings of War. It was appropriately spiky, massive, and brutal looking for a big Orc to ride into battle on.

The Beast itself is right out of the box. I added several rolls of paper, piled up on the back to resemble canvas or leather (a primitive saddle), with plenty of extra bits. The little armor discs are found throughout the army; they are actually ‘True-25mm’ shields from some other company. The saddle got an extra axe, some trophy heads, a cask (from the Ogre box), and some shield bosses as decoration.The Beast’s back crest serves as a good protective shield/saddle horn for the rider.

The Boss himself has the metal Champion sword arm from the old 5th-6th ed Orc Boyz unit box, a plastic Black Orc head, and a few more random pieces to individualize him. He will also have a shield in the end.

I wanted to show the full piece before I get started painting. Like previous larger models, I’ll post pics as I finish it.