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French & Indian War tables

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As long as I’m posting pics of the progress of my French and Canadian forces for Muskets & Tomahawks, I figured I’d post some pics of some of my group’s recent gaming tables. most of these tables were 4’x6′ (400 points), but the second is a 4’x4′ (200 points)

The buildings used here are laser cut wooden pieces from 4ground from Warlord Games, and the trees and shrubs are a mix of suppliers. The fences are scratch built and resin prepaints. Felt pieces mark out fields and orchard boundaries.

We tried to make ‘organic’ looking frontier settlements, with at least some resemblance to a real farmstead or trading post. The better to attempt to burn down, right? Gives the games a bit more flair than too scattered and random.

These are a few pics of units during some of the games. The Canadians and Marines are from my French force (previous posts) while the Highlanders are from a friend’s British army, though I painted those as well (shown in previous posts).

The big scrum between some French Marines and Highlanders was a decisive point in one battle, with both units crushed from the sprawling melee. After the sides broke off the fight there were only a pair of Highlanders and a single fleeing Marine left. The Marine got revenge though, managing to fight off a British Officer who cowardly charged him in the back, taking the oafish Brit out of action. The losses from the fight pushed the Brits into a Morale card situation, which eventually broke the force (good thing too, since my own force was teetering on the edge as well).

The fourth pic is a 2v1 game, with mine and a friend’s French forces versus a British force. At that point in the battle, units were depleted and scattered all over.



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More Highlanders join the King’s forces for Muskets & Tomahawks.

I’ve completed 2 units of 10 Highlanders (20 men) plus an Officer. These men have blue bonnets and blue cuffs, collars, and ascots/scarves. The first pic shows the second finished unit.

The client wants even more Scots for his army. So to help break up the monotony of color, and to help him separate units on the table, the next 2 units of 10 and their Officer will have yellow cuffs, collars, and scarves. A couple of that color scheme are in the second pic. Otherwise they’ll follow the color scheme, including that lovely tartan that I’m totally not sick of by now…

More to come.

The King’s Highlanders

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Kilts and bonnets in full display, the Highlanders muster forth. I’ve completed 10 Highlanders for Muskets & Tomahawks, which is enough for a basic small force. I divided them up to show them in detail, alongside a group shot. It also shows a common gripe I have with leader-type models: while everyone is pointing their muskets to the left, he raises his pistol to the right, which makes him seem to fighting some other threat. It does make him stand out, but also makes posing him for a group shot look a bit jarring.

The models themselves have a common uniform, but have enough variety between them to keep it interesting. The unit’s coats have different cuffs, trim, and collars, some going fully decorated, while others are pretty simple. Some have leggings, while others have some nice plaid socks. More to come!

For King and Country

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Muskets & Tomahawks is a newer game moving through my gaming circles. 18th Century skirmish in the backwoods of North America during the Indian Wars and so forth. I’m not as familiar with the time period as I am with Ancient or Medieval, but the game seems fun and easy to get into.

This Highlander from the English army is a test model for a client. He wants a whole force of this guys, so I wanted to get the colors down. I had to figure out how to do the tartan justice on a 25mm model. Going by my Welsh from Saga, I can do plaid. But can I do this nicely involved and regular pattern, and most importantly, can I do it on 20+ yahoos? Hopefully I can…

This fellow’s regiment (platoon?) has the ubiquitous red coat, but also wear blue bonnets, with blue cuffs and collars where applicable. The regiment’s tartan is a regular green divided into squares, with a blue at intervals between the green crisscross. This model has leggings, but most simply have socks (those will have a red/white diagonal plaid). On to the rest of the force.