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Saga: Fantasy

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It’s Saga: Fantasy today… Warhammer Fantasy in this case. I’ve made battleboards for several Warhammer factions. Each is a modification of an existing faction from Saga: Dark Ages and The Crescent and the Cross.

Dwarfs: I based their board on the Vikings, due to the straightforward nature of the Dwarf shieldwall and love of combat. I might also try to adapt the Anglo-Dane board to the Dwarfs some time, emphasizing their toughness and stubborn tenacity.

Warlords are Thanes or Princes of Holds.

Hearthguard are the Holds’ Longbeards and Ironbreakers, well motivated and well armored. 1 unit of 4 Hearthguard can be fielded as Troll Slayers (Berserkers)

Warriors are Clan Dwarfs, the common soldiers of the Hold.

Levies are the Beardlings, young Dwarfs who cover their elders’ advance with bow and sling.

Skaven: The ratties use the Anglo-Saxons rules, with its emphasis on massive units of troops.

Warlords are clan Chieftains or clan Warlords; they can ride giant rat mounts.

Hearthguard are the clan’s Stormvermin, bodyguard for their Warlord (at least until they betray him); they can ride giant rat mounts.

Warriors are the Clanrats, the multitudes of Skaven fighters.

Levies are the Skavenslaves, the abused cannon-fodder of the Skaven clans. Some are armed with slings or bows. Skavenslaves units can be armed with spear and shield; fighting desperately, they have Armor 4 and generate 1 Attack Die per 2 models.

High Elves: The Elves use the Scots rules. Their defensive and counter-attack abilities seem to match well. Abilities that require spears have a (sp) notation. All foot units without ranged weapons count as having spears.

Warlords are Princes or Nobles; they can be mounted on Elven steeds

Hearthguard are one of the martial orders, either Swordmasters, Phoenix Guard, or White Lions (and despite the actual weaponry, they count as being armed with spears for purposes of Battleboard abilties); they can be mounted, coming from the Silver Helms or Dragon Princes traditions.

Warriors are from the ranks of the Spearmen or Sea Guard.

Levies are the largely defensive Militia, armed with bow or javelins.

Beastmen: The beasts of Chaos use the Welsh rules, being lightly armored and loving skirmish and hit and run, with brutal fighting in rough ground.

Warlords are Beastlords or Wargors, the strongest members of their tribe, gifted by the Gods; they are armed with throwing axes and/or javelins (or cast spells, representing Shamans).

Hearthguard are the Bestigors, the powerful core of the tribe, wearing the best scavenged armor (despite this they have -1 Armor against shooting); they are armed with throwing axes and/or javelins.

Warriors are the Gors, the common members of the tribe. They generally lack armor or shields, preferring to travel lightly (-1 Armor against shooting); they are armed with throwing axes and/or javelins

Levies are the Ungors, the weakest members of the tribe. They are armed with javelins or bows.

Orcs: Another board based off the Vikings, the Orcs (and their subordinate Goblins) are pure aggression and violence.

Warlords are the Big Bosses and Warbosses, the biggest and the meanest Greenskin of the tribe.

Hearthguard are the Big’Uns and Black Orcs, armed to the teeth and well-armored. One unit of 4 Hearthguard can be fielded as Savage Orcs (Berserkers).

Warriors are the Boyz, big green monsters ready and able to fight.

Levies are the measly Goblins that the Orcs browbeat to fight for them. Preferring to fight at range, they are armed with bows or javelins.

Goblin Khans: The wolfboyz of the Goblins are based off the Spanish rules, with its use of interrupting activations and disruption of the opponent.

Warlords are the Goblin Khans themselves, mounted on mean, ugly, and/or violent beasts.

Hearthguard are the most experienced Wolfboys, armed with spear and shield, mounted on vicious wolves.

Warriors are the common Goblins. Some are them are the more cowardly Wolfboys, avoiding combat to instead pepper their targets with arrows from wolfback. They have -1 Armor in close combat, and are armed with short bows (javelins). Other Goblins fight on foot, armed with spear and shield.

Levies are the weakest, least brave Goblins. They are armed with bows or javelins. One unit can carry captured crossbows (or sometimes the Goblins will hire mercenaries from Human or Chaos Dwarf armies). Firing the crossbows gives the unit 1 Fatigue.

I’ll probably work on more battleboards at some point. I’ll have to figure out what best replicates Dark Elves, Lizardmen, Empire, etc.


Skaven Hellpit Abomination (conversion)

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on May 18, 2010 by Sean

Here’s my Skaven Hellpit Abomination, finally constructed. Being a Frankenstein’s Monster type creation, it’s a hodge-podge of lots of bits from across several miniature ranges. The base ‘chassis’ is a Tyranid Carnifex. After that was put together, I went nuts with the bits and pieces. There are various industrial parts and fuel tanks poking out from under the riveted carapace.

I’ll post the painted Abomination soon enough. I’m looking forward to what this thing can do on the table.

Warp-Lightning Cannon

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The finished Warp-Lightning Cannon for my Skaven army for Warhammer.

It took a lot of work, and I did redesigns on the fly as I went along. The painting is fairly dark, so the glowing green components and the Warlock Engineer stand out more. My favorite part is the salvaged and rebuilt control panel with all that exposed copper wire.

The design includes the cannon itself, which acts as a sort of electrical arcing mechanism rather than a true cannon. This is connected to the control panel. The panel is also connected to the power source. The power source is admittedly a bit crude, being a wagonful of warpstone pieces surrounding a warp compressor and regulator. I tried to get a nice source light glow from the stones inside the wagon, but the pictures don’t do it justice.

Skaven vs. Lizardmen

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , , on December 7, 2009 by Sean

Pics from a recent Warhammer Fantasy battle. My Skaven versus a friend’s Lizardmen. My army was tons of clanrats, giant rats, and random war machines. I was trying out all sort of things from the new army book.

His army was a solid wall of Saurus Warriors, with a Stegadon and skinks on the flanks. Fun, bloody battle.

Skaven Weapon Teams

Posted in Miniatures with tags , on November 20, 2009 by Sean

I’ve finished the Poison Wind Mortar for my Skaven army. The other pic has a couple of the older Weapon Teams (Warpfire Thrower, Jezzail, and Ratling Gun from left to right). The last pic is an in-progress of my converted Doom Flayer. Yes, that’s a chainsaw.

The Mortar was a return to my rats. I haven’t actually painted anything in the Skaven army for 3 years, as I got to a good stopping point (at the time). With the new rules, I’m converting up new units, and rethinking some of my oldest paint jobs. Some of the clanrats were painted almost 15 years ago!

Warp Lightning Cannon

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I’ve done more work on the Warp Lightning Cannon for my Skaven. Lots of scratch building and bits diving. Parts from everywhere, and plenty of drilling, pinning, and bending of plastic rod. I had a general idea of the end result, but I sort of let it come together ‘organically’, adding bits as I went. Hopefully I’ve stopped before it got too ridiculous.

Now it’s ready to paint. This is going to be time-consuming…


New Skaven weapons

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With the arrival of the new Skaven book, I’m revisiting my ratties. I kit-bashed a Poison Wind Mortar team (plenty of bits at hand) and have brought out the parts for my own Warp Lightning Cannon.

I’ve had the parts and designs for my version of the Cannon since the previous edition of the Skaven book, but I just never got around to it. The old points value also dissuaded me, but the lower cost (as well as lower cost of many things in the army) mean I’ll finish it and give it a go on the table. The pics of the Cannon are in-progress, so are missing parts and wires.