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Soviet Cossacks from a friend’s army for Flames of War. These are a few command stands to add to his already sizable Kazachya companies. I’ve painted tons of horsemen for his army, comparable to a medieval army! The sight of that unrushing cavalry on-table is pretty nice, and when they hit an infantry force, the carnage is immense.

Their bases are the same as for my own Soviets, with sparse grass covered by light snow. This is a different player than the friend with the huge Soviet force from previous posts, by the way. He doesn’t have any Cossacks, actually.


Soviet Tankovy 2

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More of my Soviet Tankovy force. The force has 3 platoons of 6-7 stands of Tank Riders, so these support infantry for my tanks actually outnumbers the infantry in my German armies. Their Commisar ‘leads’ them.

The scout cars have a camo scheme I found in a photo collection of the Eastern Front. From a good enough distance, the cars would just disappear into the background. The leader has a PT-RD anti-tank rifle that I converted up, just in case it’s ever needed.

The American recon jeeps and infantry are for a friend’s US Armored Corps army.

Soviet Tankovy

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T-34 Companies from my Soviet Tankovy force from Flames of War. 15mm scale WWII. I designed the army based on 107th Brigade and 1441st SU Brigade, 16-y Tankovy, which fought in the encirclement of the German forces in Stalingrad. The winter whitewash was applied by the crew, and washed off/rubbed off over the course of the winter.