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AoS: Stardrake!

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on June 19, 2017 by Sean

The heavens split with the roar of the Stardrake!

Whew doggie this model is huge. It was quite time-consuming to build and paint. The drake was painted in stages like most of the larger models I’ve worked. I built the body, legs, and tail first, mounting them on the base. I then painted those parts before I worked on the head separately; this was then attached. The drake’s scales were the same as the Dracoths I’ve painted before for the army.  I wanted to differentiate the spines from the teeth, claws, and horns, so the spines had a basecoat of GW Steel Legion Drab, and the claws/teeth/horns had a base of MSP Dusky Skin. Both then got a highlight mixed with white.

The riders and saddle were done next. Since the Stardrake can have either a Lord-Celestant or a Marshal for a rider (and thankfully all the parts for both) I decided to paint up both of them. The Lord-Celestant carries a hammer, while the Marshal has a starlance. They both got a magnet in their torso that mates with a magnet in the hips atop the saddle. Easy swap out for any occasion. They match the deep purple armor and gold and bronze of the rest of the Stormcast Eternals army. They did get extra golden plating with appropriate molded designs, spiked halos, and decorated shoulder pads.

After the riders were done I finished off with the gigantic wings. Each wing is effectively a whole model in its own right. These got painted and pinned in place. The skin of the wings were painted in P3 Underbelly Blue, washed with Nuln Oil and highlighted back with Underbelly. Like the rest of the scales the wings got a wash of Green Ink.

The model is so big that I took many pics from every angle, A few detail pics join the larger full-body pics.

This army is almost done…only the Celestant-Prime, Ghal Maraz himself, is left.


Age of Sigmar: Wings and Scales

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on April 23, 2017 by Sean

I’m almost wrapped up on the Stormcast Eternals army for Age of Sigmar I’ve been working on for some time.

These are a few members of a couple units. They are Prime unit leaders from the Prosecutor flyers. These flyers were rough building and painting, their parts very spindly and unbalanced while I was working on them. The army had 2 units, 3 Prosecutors with javelins and trident, and 3 with paired hammers.

The Dracothian Guard member is part of the unit of 4 riders. They followed the same color scheme as the mounted Lord-Celestant. Their armor plating was toned down with black accented with gold and bronze (compared to the full gold plating for the Celestant). The unit was built as Desolators, carrying big axes and shields. The cape is the same turquoise as the Dracoth beast, but has a deeper shading and lesser highlighting to keep it dark.

Currently in the works- a Lord-Celestant riding a Stormdrake. He’s a doozy.

Age of Sigmar: Dracoth

Posted in Miniatures with tags , on January 21, 2017 by Sean

Roar! The Stormcast Eternals get a commander on a honkin’ big dragon-thing to lead their army. This is a Lord-Celestant on a Dracoth; the model comes from the Age of Sigmar base box.

The Lord-Celestant himself has the same color scheme as the rest of the Stormcast, with additional gold on the molded armor plates. He also gets a fancy helmet and crest to further differentiate him from the mass of troops. His cape has a nice black and bone-white reverse scheme to give it visual energy.

The Dracoth on the other hand is much more complicated. The client wanted a turquoise color for the scaly skin. This works as a good contrast to the deep purple and bone of the army color scheme. The skin was created with a base of GW Incubi Darkness, followed by a highlight with Incubi Darkness/Administratum Grey. After that, a wash of Asurmen Blue gave it some depth. A second round of highlights used Darkness and white, followed by P3 Green Ink to turn the blue to turquoise. Teeth, horns and claws were picked out in Rakarth Flesh and white.

Gold and bronze trim on black armor plating and bone-white saddle and reins completed the Dracoth. I wanted his armor to follow the rest of the army, but worried using the purple would blend too much with the rider.

The model is nicely done, though it has some of the problems of all the Stormcast so far. The details of the riders are generic, lacking any real personality (a design choice to be sure, since the armor is a gift from Sigmar, but still dull to paint). The Dracoth is almost over detailed, with lots of decoration, some of which has little bearing on the overall look of the model. This a common problem with Age of Sigmar models so far. Not a deal-breaker, but annoying nonetheless.

I still have 4 more Dracothian riders, but these will at least be ‘basic’ troops instead of a character.

Stormcasts: Greatweapons

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on December 8, 2016 by Sean


I’ve been adding to the Stormcast Eternals army I’m working on for Age of Sigmar units. These are for the existing units of Liberators and Paladins.

The first are some more Paladin Retributors. One has a standard Lightning Hammer, while the other has a giant Starsoul Mace. They got the same color scheme as the other Paladins. The mace was given a full silver head, with a blue and black wash to make it stand out. These models are from the unit kit, rather than the simplified casts in the starter game.

Second are a pair of Liberators armed with greatswords. The swords certainly look intimidating, and will give their unit a good punch in-game. I gave them the icon and scroll on their backs to visually tie them with the Paladins (as I assume was designed) and to help them be easy to pick out during a game. The army will eventually have 2 units of 10 Liberators, one with pairs of greathammers, the other with pairs of greatswords.

Last is a great centerpiece character model, the Lord-Relictor. This fellow is a riot of detail, with sun rays and lightning bolts decorating his armor (as usual for the Stormcast). In addition his armor has alcoves with bound bones (arm and leg, respectively). To hammer the point home, he wears a skull mask. I made the mask bone to really make him distinctive. He wears a ‘cape’ of scrolls.

The important detail of the model is his banner. It’s a sort of sepulcher-artifact, with a whole skeleton (with armor and sword!) strapped into it, with additional charms and artifacts hanging off its case. More skulls decorate the back of the case, as well as bronze scroll work. I opted to make the case black to make the gold, bronze, bone elements, and the scarlet wrappings of the bones, stand out more. The Lord-Relictor is another example of a limited pallet put to work.

However, the model does showcase a problem I have with the Stormcast army. They’re very ‘samey’ over the whole army. From the basic Liberators to the characters like the Lord-Relictor and the Lord-Celestant, you have a lot of the same details. There is little in the way of distinguishing features from unit to unit so far, and even the characters often just resemble basic troops with more of the same iconography. I’ll be looking forward to more entertaining units like the Prosecutors and Dracoliths.


Lords of Thunder

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on November 17, 2016 by Sean

The Stormcast Eternals from Age of Sigmar gain some elite reinforcements with a unit of Paladins and a Lord-Celestant.

The Lord-Celestant is a character for the army, an appropriately decorated miniature. He maintains the look of the army, with the anonymous sculpted face and armor, with a few concessions to individuality. His armor has asymmetric gold plating on the right side, with those plates getting extra sculpting (lions faces being the standard for the army). His weapons both got a wash of blue ink followed by silver highlights to make them stand out as the tools of a heroic fighter.

The Paladins are heavy hitters for the army. They’re quite bulky compared to the Liberators and Judicators, carrying huge hammers. The Paladins get more gold and bronze decoration, including the armor plates on their backs. The Paladin-Prime gets the same asymmetric gold plating as the Lord-Celestant. The scrolls flying from their armor gives them some brightness and animation. These models are the simplified sculpts from the starter box, so end up a little rigid compared to the actual multi-part Paladins set. More Paladins are on the way.

Age of Sigmar: Prime

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on October 27, 2016 by Sean

I’ve completed more of the Stormcast Eternals. So far, I’ve done 10 Liberators and 5 Judicators.

The first pic here is the Liberator Prime, the champion of the Liberators unit. This sculpt is from the Age of Sigmar box, so it’s got a little more decoration and a unique pose. I decided to keep his scheme dark, with the black kilt, though he does have the bone/silver scale loin cloth like the rest of the unit. All the Primes for the army will have a bone-white hair plume to further differentiate them.

The archers are from the Judicators unit. They carry big bows and quivers of giant arrows, but are otherwise like the Liberators. I did add an accent of brightness with white scabbards for the gladius they carry. The Judicator Prime has the hair plume, as well as a gold shoulder pad and knee pad to decorate him.

Next up are some of the characters to break up the monotony of all the rank and file models.

Age of Sigmar

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on September 29, 2016 by Sean

I’ve taken the plunge into proper Age of Sigmar painting work. A client dropped off a whole army of Stormcast Eternals for me to do.

I’ve not played the game myself, preferring the rank and file units of Warhammer or Kings of War over the loose formations of AoS. The lore is also a serious factor. However, it seems to be building steam at my FLGS, so more people are building armies (so good for me in the long term I suppose).

These Stormcast Eternal Liberators are the test models. We decided against the default gold/blue color scheme, which I’m happy about, since while it might be an effective scheme, I find it a bit boring (and boring to paint). Instead the client liked the dark purple/maroon scheme of one of the other Eternals factions (chapters?). The first pic is the first one I did, showing off his details from different angles. The second pic is the 3 I’ve finished.

The armor is done with P3 Sanguine Red base coat over black, followed by a Nuln Oil wash. The darkened red is highlighted with Sanguine Red and Rakarth Flesh, followed by a Druchii Violet wash to shade everything purple. Gold was done with MSP’s Antique Gold with an Agrax Earthshade wash and silver/gold highlight. Details include Rakarth Flesh/White loincloth (with Mithril Silver scales), P3 Pig Iron/Mithril Silver hammers, and Khorne Red for the weapon hafts. The shoulders, shields, and dagger scabbards are basic Abaddon Black.

The models are nicely done, with some good posing and details. I’m not a fan of their ‘clean’ look though, especially compared to the highly decorated and varied models for the new Khorne units. They’re just sort of anonymous and robot-like. The characters stand out of the pack with lots of detail and personality, so looking forward to doing them over time.

Now the real work begins…