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Dragon Con Paint & Take 2014

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on September 2, 2014 by Sean


This last weekend was Dragon Con, the big sci-fi/fantasy/media convention in Atlanta. I was there as a volunteer, acting as part of the Paint & Take, a booth for the con-goers to get a free minie to paint and take home. My fellow volunteers and I gave tips, showed demonstrations of miniature painting, and set everyone up to paint. Most of the people we got were first time painters, or hadn’t painted in years. Everyone had fun, and we hope we sparked a love of miniature painting in the participants.

These two mugs were some of the miniatures I worked on over the course of the con. They were demo pieces used to illustrate some techniques; we had a video feed of our hands painting for people to watch.

The first is a Bull Snapper, a Gatormen Warbeast from Hordes. He is part of the same army I’ve been working on for a client (the Gatormen Posse featured in previous posts). I went for a very naturalistic color scheme, with dull green-brown as the base, with various washes to achieve a warm brown in the recesses, a mustardy yellow belly, and highlights to get greyed yellow scales, especially on the dorsal sail. I made the interior of his mouth purple to contrast with the yellow of his scales.

The second is a Fatty Zombie from Zombicide. Zombies from the game were some of the choices for participants, so I figured I’d do one too to help people along and to better explain any questions they’d run into. He’s mostly a dirty ‘dead’ color scheme, the only real color coming from his mouth and the respirator hanging around his neck.  The shirt got several washes to show how dirty it was, probably even before the guy was a zombie.


Malifaux: Halloween Horror 4!

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More scary ghosts for Halloween…

This time it’s from Kirai’s crew from Malifaux. The theme is Japanese ghosts, and they’re quite angry ladies.

Datsue-Ba is the archetypical old hag. I painted her with muted colors, emphasizing her wretchedness with stronger highlights and shading, making her kimono look ratty and filthy. I did the same with her hair.  I added a small blessing on the ground before her, stained with fresh blood.

Ikiryo is the cursed soul of Kirai, so she had to look nice and scary. She has the reverse of Kirai’s color scheme, with a dirty white robe (the color of death) and a purple sash. Her hair is a mass of black, streaked with white. Both Ikiryo and Datsue-ba have similar palid dead skin, the result of washes and highlighting.

Warmachine: Halloween Horror 3!

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More spooky minies for October…

Here is a selection of my Cryx army for Warmachine. Some of these paint jobs are quite old, from the start of the game years ago.

First is the Witch Coven of Garlghast, the three warcaster sisters. They wear black armor and cloth, with the odd green and brass accoutrements matching the rest of the army. The skin is extremely pale, with just enough hint of life, to offset the black clothing. It also draws the eye when they’re mixed in with the rest of the army on the table.

Next is the Egregore, the Coven’s altar/focus/floaty spiky thing. It follows the color scheme, with more glowing green effects. I pinned it to the base on wire to give it the illusion of floating. I covered the pin with putty, and married it to a group of scream spirits (nicked from the Deathjack). I liked the idea of the mistand glowing necro-goo seeping from the Egregore spilling freed ghosts as it pooled under it.

The rest of the pics are a Necrotech, a spider-legged mad scientist type, and his creations. The Scap Thralls are simple models, but I had fun with the mix of skin tones, bone, and rusty tech. Additionally, there are some Bile Thralls. More necrotic skin tones and corroded metal, though I brightened them up a little with the hoses painted red to emphasize them.

Warhammer: Halloween Horror!

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With the approach of Halloween, I decided to dig out a random grim horror of the night, a Wight King from Warhammer Fantasy. I went with a nice blood-red cloak and dull dark brass armor. I decided to add some color in the form of a purple hood under the wight’s crown and a bright green bauble for contrast.

Yes, I know I effectively made Skeletor. but I’m ok with that.

Blood Bowl teams

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on February 11, 2012 by Sean

A pair of recent commissions, this time for Blood Bowl!

First, the Dwarf team, painted in the colors of the Tennessee Vols. Quite a bright color scheme, especially with the gold and armor Dwarfs favor. (not the best photo, sorry).

Second, an Undead team, painted in the colors of the Baltimore Ravens (team name- The Graven). An easy enough scheme, and I got to show lots of variety in the zombies and assorted gribblies.

Since the local gaming group is starting up a Blood Bowl league, I’ll have more teams underway soon.

Tomb Kings Chariots and Tomb Guard

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Here is a chariot regiment from my Tomb Kings army. So many skeleton horses! I went with variety in the charioteers, with spears, bow, or khopesh. I included command models to spruce up the front rank.

The Tomb Guard are heavily converted with parts from Warhammer, Blood Bowl’s Khemri team, and Wargods of Aegyptus. I wanted them to have a bit of their old personalities, with proper fierceness and skill (especially with the Tomb King accompanying them).

Tomb Kings Skeletons and Ushabti

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I am returning to my Tomb Kings army, the Scions of Ptah.

I posted the archers and Lich Priestess before, but I have gone back to repaint the bases; in the case of the Priestess, she got a resin base to make her stand out more, a thing I’m doing for all the characters. Repainting the bases for the whole army will take some time, but it looks much better than simple sand (shown in the earlier post).

The Ushabti are my favorite unit in the whole army. The Anubis jackal-headed Ushabti was the one that sold me on the whole army back when it was released during 6th edition.

The details show the decoration, including the hieroglyphics on the ribbons.