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Saga: Gods and Monsters

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on June 15, 2016 by Sean

I’ve been doing a few odd projects between larger ones for various clients (and myself, to prevent burnout). Some examples are a few characters for Saga: Dark Ages.

The first is an Irish (really, very Celtic) Warlord/Priest for a client’s Irish warband. He’s aggressively naked, ready to go on his rampage. Unafraid of the enemy, his only adornment, aside from the fancy hood, is warpaint. I sourced the imagery from various places, but favored spirals, swirls, and random symbols. I went for an asymmetric approach to make it more interesting. Beside him he has a trusty Irish wolfhound. His druidic weapons are bloody sickles. The miniature is from Warlord Games, from the same set as the Irish priests from the previous Saga: Celtic Lore post.

The second pic is a Welsh bannerman from my own Welsh warband. He will carry one of the force’s standards, or just ‘count as’ just for visual flavor. His banner is much less showy than the other Welsh standard, so he might be a Warrior instead of a Hearthguard. I painted the banner based on contemporary art styles. The minie is from the Gripping Beast Defenders of the Faith set. I like the idea of a local monk joining up with the warband for some proper religious fun (he might even be a brother or cousin of the Warlord).


Saga: In His Name

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My warbands for Saga gain some spiritual guidance in the form of a Warrior Priest. The miniature depicts a bishop or abbot or other high-ranking cleric of England, armed and ready to fight the enemies of the church (or at least his church). The figure is from the Defenders of the Faith set from Gripping Beast. I chose the most armored monk with the best forthright pose. He got the sword out of the pack. A built-up base and a shield and banner finish him off. I based him on a 40mm base, thus allowing me to field him as a Warlord Priest if I wanted. His humble color scheme is completely off-set by the banner.

The banner is sourced from Anglo-Saxon icons, with a checker pattern border framing a portrait of Jesus, done in the style of Saxon art. The portrait was free painted, using the simplified color blocking of that style. I did exaggerate the line work to make the banner more visible from a distance. On the base behind him I also added a shield, with a proper Saxon cross design.


The Welsh for Saga have been done for some time, but a few games have shown the power of standards in the game. With that in mind, I figured I’d add a banner man to my Welsh force. Here he is posing with a group of Welsh fighters. The Standard Bearer will be able to stand in as a Teulu or a Priodaur (Hearthguard or Warrior, respectively). As he won’t be able to fight, his weaponry was irrelevant, so I decided to give him a bow to further make him stand out.

The banner is based on banners I’ve sourced online. I free handed the imagery, with Celtic-style swirls and simplified knotwork bordering a huge cross. I might return to the knotwork later, but it works. I’m working on more banners for the Welsh and Anglo-Danes, so will feature them eventually. The Anglo-Saxons already have their dragon-banners (sculpts from the Wargames Factory plastics, added to every unit for flavor, or for game effect should I want them).

Welsh: Answering the Call

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on June 3, 2015 by Sean

The Welsh for Saga are complete! This is the finished 6-point army.


-Bonnedig (Levy) with javelins x12 (deployed in either unit of 12 or units of 6/6)

-Priodaur (Warriors) x24 (deployed in units of 10/8/6)

-Teulu (Hearthguard) x8 (deployed in a unit of 8)

The Warriors and Levy have a few Saxon/Danish models mixed in to fill units out, but the majority of the force are Welsh models. The Teulu have the only armor in the force (other than the Warlord), and wear finer clothes and have showier shields.

The Warlord was a bit of a problem. I originally tried to convert one, but using the plastic Wargames Factory Numidians and Saxons to kit-bash a model fell short. In the end he resembled my other Warlords too much. I decided to use the Welsh Hero character Maredudd Ap Owain instead. He has a nice distinct look, having the cast of a wily, grizzled warrior, with great detail and characterful equipment. I gave him a colorful Welsh tartan to really make him stand out from his subordinates’ simpler tartan cloaks. His shield is a pair of hares in the Celtic style, emphasizing his skirmish style of warfare.

Saga: Forging new legends

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , , on April 29, 2015 by Sean

I’ve been working on additions to my Saga warbands.

My Anglo-Danish warband is made up of the same models as the Anglo-Saxon warband, in a different combination of units. The big change is the Warlord. The Anglo-Danish Warlord carries a Dane axe, so I needed a proper miniature to make him stand out from the Saxon Warlord. The model I picked is Grimbold, a Rohan character from the GW Lord of the Rings miniature line. He has the proper aggressive attitude, a big scary axe, and a good Anglo-Danish-esque helmet. Despite being a ‘fantasy’ design, the LotR movies attempted enough realism to let him segue into a historical game. He got a dark green cloak, some nice striped clothing, and some fancy scale-type mail. His base features a shield, split by his axe. One can imagine him crashing through the enemy, laying waste to all around.

I have also finished more Welsh models. Most of the new models are Teulu, the Welsh Hearthguard for the warband. They have better equipment, helmets and armor, and richer clothes. The Teulu also have a greater proportion of extra weapons instead of the mostly javelin/spear-equipped Warriors. A couple extra Warriors are mixed in.

The only thing left for the Welsh is their Warlord. Coming soon…

Children of the Land

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on February 28, 2015 by Sean

More Welshmen for my Saga warband.

I’ve added some more Priodaur and Bonnedig (Warriors and Levy, respectively). The Welsh get distinctive clothes, cloaks, and shields. I sculpted more green stuff cloaks and trousers, plus a nice mustache for the axe-wielding warrior.

I added detail pics to show off clothes and capes, as well as a cool dragon/deer shield design I found during my research.

The second pic is some sheep (with a removable shepherd). These will act as random terrain or escort counters for the Escort scenario.

The warband is almost done, with 18 Warriors and 12 Levy so far. These will mix into existing models from my Saxon/Dane warband. The full warband will have 8 Hearthguard, 24 Warriors, and 12 Levy. I’ll get to the Warlord soon.

The Rising Out

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The Welsh for Saga get some reinforcements in the form of some Warriors (Priodaur) and Levies (Bonnedig).

In keeping with Welsh fashion, the Warriors lack armor, and in some cases shields. They mostly wear tunics with no trousers, or short trousers in the old Briton way. Additionally, I sculpted capes and cloaks for some. This is my first attempt to sculpt with green stuff in a long while (other than minor details or gap-filling) so I’m not totally happy with the results. The capes lack good folds or flowing edges, and are quite thick for cloth. Next batch I’ll iron out the kinks hopefully. I painted them in various plaids and stripes, according to references I found.

The Levies are even more simplified, lacking any shields or secondary weapons. They did get a sort of ‘leader’ model with a horn, for signalling the mass volley of javelins. He got an extra hand axe.

Their shields further differentiate them from my Anglo-Saxons, with the emphasis on the XP icon and larger use of ‘Celtic knot’ designs.

It will be fun to expand them out, as I plan on doing 30 Welsh fighters to divide into Warrior and Levy units. More to come!

Saga: The Welsh!

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on January 15, 2015 by Sean

I’ve started the prep work on my next Saga warband: The Welsh! This light, fast skirmishing army will be a massive change from the mass shield wall tactics of the Anglo-Saxons, or the slow, crushing grind of the Anglo-Danes.The army will also have a new style of minies, with different clothes and shields. Some of my Saxon/Dane miniatures will be integrated into the warband, either to fill out units or act as the Hearthguard (due to actually having armor, helmets, etc.)

I’ll be making the actual Welsh Warriors and Levies using Wargames Factory’s Numidians. They have the bare legs and javelins I need for ‘Welsh style’ fighters. I used the sleeved arms and shields from the Wargames Factory Saxon Fyrd box. Since the Numidians have bare arms, I mined my plentiful extra arms from the kit. I also have some Saxon and Vikings heads as well for variety.

Here are the first few Welsh models so far. They’ll serve as 2 Warriors and 2 Levies, or maybe get rolled into whatever units I feel at the time. One big change from Saxons will be the shields, since they’ll feature less color and the ‘chi-rho’ icon (the XP). In addition, the men will have comparative muted clothing, but will make up for it with plaids and stripes. Looking forward to that. I also included some unpainted models. The model on the far right will eventually carry a shield, which is why he seems to be holding something in his right hand; that is an improvised handle/strap for his shield. I’ll also be sculpting cloak and capes for some the Welsh fighters at some point before I paint them.