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Warhammer 40K: Death Korps test

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Krieg test

Another new army for a client. This time it’s the famous Death Korps of Krieg, the grim WWI-inspired Imperial Guard “ahem” Astra Militarum regiment from Forgeworld. These two are the test miniatures for the army. I provided pics from several angles.

The Krieg models are nicely detailed, with great sculpting in the clothing and extra gear. I’m less enthused by the casting, since some of the mold lines are really hard to clean from resin without damaging detail. I like the mix of WWI inspirations: German coats, British leggings, and French helmets.

This particular group of the Korps have a color scheme based off World War I British uniforms. I dug up some good photo references of Tommies and my old painting guide from Flames of War’s Vallejo range, with some other colors as well. The effect is a drab, dirty look, reflecting a life in mud and battle.

Fatigues- English Uniform

Helmet and armor- Brown Violet

Leggings, packs, and gas mask- Dark Sand

Boots and gloves- GW Rhinox Hide

Weapon and tools- P3 Pig Iron

GW Nuln Oil was washed over everything to dull down and shade. The only other spot of color is the Mephiston Red right eyepiece, since this squad of engineers seem to have some advanced optics in their gas masks.

The bases for the army are churned mud, dotted with rubble, patches of dead grass and broken equipment, alluding to the Western Front. The effect is made with GW’s texture paint Stirland Mud and standard basing sand. This gets spread like butter, piled up and manipulated while it dries. The surface got brushed with a mix of P3 Battlefield Brown and GW Steel Legion Drab. Later on the bases will have more litter, and the big bases like for weapon teams will have bigger piles of rubble, emplacements, etc.


Now that these tests are done, I can get properly stuck into the army. It’s an IG army, so can expect much more work to come.


Corax, penultimate

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Corvus Corax, Primarch of the Raven Guard Legion, is nearly done. Like all the other Primarch miniatures from Forgeworld, he is very complicated and detailed. This means he has taken some time to finish to a high standard.

Here he is nearly completed. I mounted him to the character base, that will in turn fit in the scenic base. I painted him on his own before I mounted him, because he’s big enough already, and the base would have presented an unwieldy grip. Plus, there would be a higher chance of tipping and breaking (plus rubbing paint off the base piece).

I took pics from several angles, to highlight his detailed armor. His armor plates are smoother than his Primarch brothers, with inset base relief surfaces and decoration resembling Celtic knotwork (similar to some of the Heresy-era Raven Guard decoration seen on the standard Marines and vehicles from Forgeworld). The only things missing from the completed model is the pair of wings on the jump pack and his other holster and whip (left off for ease of painting).

Being Raven Guard, he of course wears all black armor, the only contrasting color being a shiny silver for armor trim and weapons, some gold, leather pouches, and white/bone decoration. A few spots of bright blue show up in the jewels in his Legion symbol and the exhausts of the jump pack. The lightning claws got a blue wash and highlight with pure silver to make them very eye-catching.

Before I mounted Corax to the base I took a pic of the Traitor Marine he’s posed in the act of shooting. This one was painted as a Night Lord in Mark III armor, with the standard deep blue plating and bronze trim. He got a skull Death’s Head ‘mask’ on his helmet and a winged skull Legion symbol. A few lightning bolt effects on his armor break up the flat plates. I really love the posing on this model. He’s sprawling back, a hole punched right through his chest, shrapnel scoring the underside of his faceplate. His weapons are just barely attached to the model, showing them about to fly free once he falls back. He brings some needed color to the full Corax model, but his smaller size means he won’t upstage the Primarch.

Next up, the finished Corax!

Age of Sigmar

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I’ve taken the plunge into proper Age of Sigmar painting work. A client dropped off a whole army of Stormcast Eternals for me to do.

I’ve not played the game myself, preferring the rank and file units of Warhammer or Kings of War over the loose formations of AoS. The lore is also a serious factor. However, it seems to be building steam at my FLGS, so more people are building armies (so good for me in the long term I suppose).

These Stormcast Eternal Liberators are the test models. We decided against the default gold/blue color scheme, which I’m happy about, since while it might be an effective scheme, I find it a bit boring (and boring to paint). Instead the client liked the dark purple/maroon scheme of one of the other Eternals factions (chapters?). The first pic is the first one I did, showing off his details from different angles. The second pic is the 3 I’ve finished.

The armor is done with P3 Sanguine Red base coat over black, followed by a Nuln Oil wash. The darkened red is highlighted with Sanguine Red and Rakarth Flesh, followed by a Druchii Violet wash to shade everything purple. Gold was done with MSP’s Antique Gold with an Agrax Earthshade wash and silver/gold highlight. Details include Rakarth Flesh/White loincloth (with Mithril Silver scales), P3 Pig Iron/Mithril Silver hammers, and Khorne Red for the weapon hafts. The shoulders, shields, and dagger scabbards are basic Abaddon Black.

The models are nicely done, with some good posing and details. I’m not a fan of their ‘clean’ look though, especially compared to the highly decorated and varied models for the new Khorne units. They’re just sort of anonymous and robot-like. The characters stand out of the pack with lots of detail and personality, so looking forward to doing them over time.

Now the real work begins…

Corax Bases: The Perch

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The next big Primarch project is Corvus Corax, Primarch of the Raven Guard Legion of Space Marines. As with all the Primarchs I’ve worked on, he and his base are very detailed, and very complicated to construct.

Like the previous Primarchs, I’m working on his base first. His base (the first pic) is a rise of twisted concrete and metal, buckling under his feet as he lands. A nice split Imperial Eagle alludes to the civil war of the Horus Heresy. The rusted girders and reinforcements serve to break up the general grey color scheme. The tiled surface gets a bit of a beige highlight to differentiate it from the broken concrete.

The perch fits into a 50mm scenic base that hides its own 40mm base (second pic). The colors are the same as the normal base. Corax’s scenic base will eventually feature a Traitor Marine being blasted by Corax as he lands. This will come later.

Corax is a complicated piece, so I’ll paint him in stages, just like the other Primarchs. More to come!

Empire: Fancy Lads!

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I’ve started working on a client’s Empire army, for use with Warhammer 8th edition, 9th Age, and Kings of War. This is a new version of an old army, the Empire mercenary army dubbed the Fancy Lads!

Their colors are quartered yellow and purple, with black and white the primary contrasting colors. Additional detail colors are blue, red, and metals, with a variety of browns for leather and cloth equipment.

I’ve completed a rank of Halberdiers and some artillery crewmen as test models. The models all follow the army colors but allow for plenty of individuality, with placement of the yellow/purple quartering and halving varying. Red sashes and blue feathers break up the color scheme as well. In addition, the artillery masters got more color and detail pics.

One group of crewmen operate a Helblaster. The gun itself is mostly black and steel, with a few bronze decorations. The front also bears a small shield with the yellow/purple scheme.

While two of the groups of crew are plastic, I also painted a group of the old metal crewmen.

More to come!


Deathwatch: Overkill

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The Deathwatch: Overkill box is out, and of course I’ve got it in the rotation for a client.

First off, these models are amazing. The Marines from the Kill Team are appropriately detailed, more of the same really. Marines are Marines, in the end. The Genestealers on the other hand are wonderfully done. They run the gamut of Purestrain, to 1st through 4th Generation Hybrids. As a WH40K grognard, I love the call-back to the 1st ed 40K Genestealer cult designs, with the ribbed armor and autoguns.

These guys here are the 4th Gen Hybrids, the most ‘human’ of the hive. I also included a 3rd Gen member, since he was finished. He serves as a contrast to the 4th Gen, to show off the difference in posture, skin tone, and features. The second pic highlights the details of the armor and equipment.

The client wanted them painted in the same manner as the box set examples, though the 3rd Gen’s exposed chitinous arms favor his own Tyranid army’s color scheme.

More to come as I finish the boxed set.

Orc Slasher

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I posted my converted Orc Kludger on a Slasher for Kings of War a while back. I’ve finished the Slasher now, so on to the Kludger next.

The Slasher is a Reaper Burrowing Beast, with a built up saddle on its back. I wanted the Slasher to stand out from the army, so its carapace is a dark blue, decorated with yellow slashes, akin to a beetle shell. The saddle blanket and extra armor plates however do have the army colors of black, white, and red. The Kludger in the saddle will also follow the army colors of course.