Saxon Kingdom

I have added more manpower to the Anglo-Saxon force for Saga. These fellows are the Ceorls, from the peasant levy. They are Wargames Factory’s Saxon Fyrd box of unarmored Saxon warriors, with some Harlequin peasants added in. One even got a head swap with a plastic Saxon.

While Saxon Ceorls fight almost as well as Thegns in-game, armed with spear and shield, I wanted them to be easily distinguished from the Thegns on the table. Thus, few wear mail or helmets, and none carry sidearms like axes or swords on their belts. A few helmets snuck in to add some variety and mark out some individuals like the standard bearer. All my (fighting) units get a dragon standard, even the levy.

One advantage of the lack of armor is that the Ceorls are a more colorful unit than the armored Thegns. Their clothes are better displayed, and I could add layers of clothing to make them really pop on the table.  They have the same type of shield designs, with a few marked out to highlight. Most of the models got the standard shields from the Wargame Factory box, but I mixed in some GW plastic shields (from Skaven/Goblin/Skeleton boxes) to further mark them out from the Thegns.

Also called to muster are some Ceorl bowmen. They follow the usual color scheme. The unit is unique in that it’s made up of models from 3 model lines- Harlequin, GW Bretonnian Bowmen, and the WF Fyrd and Thegn boxes. The one member not loosing an arrow is the unit ‘leader’, also singled out with a chain shirt.

Please excuse the bowman on the left… those buttons are extremely anachronistic for the time period…

On a final note: I was at the Cool Mini Or Not Expo 2014 in Atlanta, where one of my Thegn units received 2nd place in the Units Category. Huzzah! More treasure for the hoard!

Ic þē þancie
Ic þē þancie

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