Age of Sigmar: Krumpin’

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Green is Best, it seems. I’ve been playing some more Age of Sigmar with my Orruks (with some Grots in tow). The Boyz have done well, stompin’ and krumpin’ as expected, with some surprising usefulness from the Moonclan Grots. The nets they carry benefit everyone around them, conferring -1 to hit on all enemies nearby. Great to protect the Orruks, though they’d never admit it…

These are a few additions to the army I’ve added recently. These are extra minies I’ve had for some time, so a nice cheap way to bulk out the army.

First is the Warchanter for the Ironjawz. This is a conversion, since I had extra Black Orcs and lots of bits. He’s a plastic Black Orc (aka Ardboy for AoS), with a bare Orc head, a drummer’s right arm with skull drumstick (and extra spiky bit on the gauntlet from the Brutes box), and a left arm made from an arm from the Brutes box and a Black Orc hand. I swapped the mace head it came with to a skull to match the right arm. He got the typical snazzy black armor, with lots of checkers and dags as per usual, with a few lightning bolts scattered over his armor and even forehead. I mounted him on a chunk of cork on a 40mm base to match the Brutes and elevate him for emphasis. He needs to be a center of attention after all. The skulls have a glowing effect in their sockets to show the power of the WAAAGH! A trophy demon skull and jaws on his left shoulder completes his snazziness.

The other pic is a bunch of Grots from the Moonclan (aka the Night Goblins). I’ve added a few new Netters to my spear Grots; I used to have only 2 to show the units were carrying nets (since in Warhammer 8th and before the nets were simply a bonus to a unit). Under AoS however the nets actually have bubbles of effect on the table, so I figured I’d have 6 or so for each unit. Some nice bonuses without going overboard.

I also did a few old Goblins. The models come all the way from 4th edition Warhammer, which is quite evident from their smaller and simpler sculpts compared to the Netters (who hail from 6th I think). The Netters have the definite problem of coming from the time where a lot of the infantry plastics ballooned in size, so they match the bigger Night Goblin plastics. My Night Goblins are either 4th ed or 7th ed, so the Netters are much larger than the surrounding spear Grots. This is I suppose rationalized with the biggest members of the tribe carrying the nets for the best tosses…

I did a Standard Bearer and a Champion, as well as a Shaman. I like the Standard Bearer; he’s this dinky little twerp with a dinky pointy hat. Almost too pathetic and adorable for battle. The Champion looks a little more intimidating, with his big axe and devious smirk. The Shaman wears a red cloak and hood like the other Grot characters in the army. He has that old 4th ed caracter pose,with his arms held wide. I like his little cauldron filled with mushrooms and his magic staff, with a little puppet of himself. Again, adorable.

I’m thinking of adding more units over time, so I’m sure there’s more Orruks and Grots to come.

Crimson Fists: Even More Tacticals

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I’ve been working on more Crimson Fists Tactical Marines. While the Sergeants are individualized, the Bolter-armed and Special/Heavy Weapon Marines are swappable between squads for given situations.

These are one collection- a Sergeant (with red helmet) carrying a Bolter and Melta-bomb, 7 Bolters, a Meltagun, and a Grav-Cannon.

While most of the Marines for the army are the standard Mk 5-7, the new Mk 3 kits offer a chunky design for the army. The Mark 3 has a nice heavy look, and gives the Marine armor a feel of age. They will get mixed into the rest of the army.

The next Tactical Squad is already under way.

Crimson Fists: Devastate

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More Crimson Fists!

The Crimson Fists Marines force will include several Tactical Squads in the end. Among these squads I’ve done a Devastator Squad, since it’s only a 5-man squad.

First up is the Combat Squad from the first Tactical Squad (featured in earlier posts). These are 4 Bolter Marines, and a Marine with a Heavy Bolter. He has the Heavy Bolter and ammo hopper backpack from the Sternguard kit.

The Devastators here are armed with Missile Launchers, accompanied by a Sergeant with his targeting array. The Marines carry the standard issue launchers, with missile-loading ammo backpacks. Their right shoulders have a red and black chevron; the Sergeant sports the same symbol on his left knee (due to the Terminator badge on the right shoulder).

I also finished a Terminator Librarian at the same time. He is a huge mini, with tons of detail, like a long tabard, purity seals, scrolls, and pages chained to his armor, as well as the ubiquitous Librarian book and horned skull symbols. I kept the color scheme simple, with a lighter blue (same as the other Librarians I’ve done for the Fists). Red and parchment feature prominently as well. A single color accent is the purple bookmark ribbon in the tome on his right shoulder. He carries a giant Storm Shield, a part from some third party company. I painted his eyes as sunken in, dead white, to represent his psyker nature.

More Crimson Fists coming along.

AoS: Brutality!

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The Brutes are finished for my Age of Sigmar Orruks army. This is at the moment my only real addition I’m making to my existing Orcs & Goblins force, though I might acquire a Warchanter and Weirdnob Shaman to supplement them later.

The first two members were already posted, and here are the final members, a basic Brute, a Brute with a Gore-choppa, and the Boss.

The Brutes follow the same design as the previous members, with checkers, dog’s teeth and lightning bolts decorating their heavy scarred black armor. The Brute has a cool trophy on his shoulder in the form of a Stormcast mask trophy, his pose a nicely threatening one backed by the checkered sword. I added a back plate to his armor, since to me it looked a little exposed.

The Brute with the Gore-hacka is a good definition of excess, with a sword so big that other blades are nailed to it. The blade was a great surface for decoration, so it got a field of checkers and dog’s teeth to really make it stand out from his body’s black armor. I used one of the Boss heads with its metal jaw plate and the jaw neck decoration, since I figured he’d be the veteran behind the Boss. He is barefoot, so I felt I had to give him some Hulk pants to go with his green feet.

The Boss of the unit is a pretty mean fighter, so I wanted to make him to be obvious in the swirl of melee (and if I used the Ironfist formation, which would give him 2 extra wounds and make him a sub-commander). With that in mind, he carries a icon attached to his back plate. The unit doesn’t get a standard of its own, but I wanted some form of trophy for them to focus on. His big Boss Klaw was painted black, the blades devoid of decorations, instead scraped down to the bare metal. The klaw gets used a lot, obviously.

Looking forward to them on the table!

Crimson Fists: Tactical Squad

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Work begins on the Crimson Fists Space Marines proper with the basic grunts, in this case a Tactical Squad. This is a Combat Squad from the first squad, with a Sergeant, 3 Bolter-armed brothers, and a Flamer Marine. Previous entries show some of the Chaplains and Librarians I’ve worked on.

I painted the Crimson Fists with a basecoat of Kantor Blue, with a wash of Nuln Oil, then a highlight of Alaitoc Blue. I kept the highlights simple to keep the overall color scheme dark blue. The only other major colors are metal, black, and of course crimson. The left gauntlets and chapter symbol were done with a base of P3 Sanguine Base, then highlighted with Khorne Red and then Mephiston Red. The purity seals got the same treatment, with an additional yellow highlight.

The Marines have a few extra decorations to individualize them, but keep very Codex overall. The tactical arrow symbol was a Khorne Red outline around Vallejo Black, the black producing a matte effect to make the red stronger.

The Sergeant of course has a bare head to make him stand out, but fear not, his red helmet (denoting a Sergeant) hangs on his belt. He got a pair of decorated shoulder pauldrons to show his service.

The rest of the Tactical Squad is on the way soon.

Warhammer: Age of WAAAAAGH!

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With a resurgence of Age of Sigmar in my area, I’ve decided to dust off the ol’ Orcs and Goblins to try them out. Respectively called the Orruks and Grots now, I might as well have them hit the table- the army’s painted already right? I still used them for Warhammer 8th, 9th Age, and Kings of War, but all three are pretty scarce at my FLGS. Age of Sigmar it is then. I’ve gotten some games under my belt, and it’s a fun system. Pretty simple compared to 8th edition, but I was able to finish the games in less than an hour, which would get me through roughly the first 2 turns of a standard Warhamer game.

I don’t have to buy much for my army to get it playable for AoS, since I’m sitting on a treasure trove of extra Orcs and Gobbos yet to be painted. I plan on adding a unit of Boar Boys, adding to the Savage Orcs, and expanding my Black Orcs units so I can field 3 10-Orc ‘Ardboyz units.

These Ironjawz Brutes represent the new purchase for the Greenskinz army for AoS. I’m still getting the hang of building forces under the Battlescroll system, but I know I want some of these monsters in my army. I also figure I could treat them as Trolls or unit fillers for KoW or WHFB 8th-9th. They got the army colors of my Stormbringaz Orcs and Goblins army, with plenty of checkers, dog’s teeth, and lightning bolts befitting these elite warriors.

The Brutes are great models, with a good amount of detail- pitted and broken armor, layers of plating and leather, and nicely sculpted faces. The kit has lots of extras in the form of shoulder decorations, weapons, and arm options. They work with a rather limited range of design, being just bigger Orcs really. Interestingly enough, the Brutes have a very different sculpt than the old Orcs. They have different proportions; still heroic, but they have an erect posture and less gangly arms and squat legs. They also have smaller heads compared to their bodies. This is not a deal breaker of course, and it helps that they are a head above even Black Orcs in height.

More to come.



The Wolftime: Leman Russ, Primarch of the Space Wolves

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I’ve finally gotten to work on the Primarch of the Space Wolves Space Marines Legion for the Horus Heresy 30K, the indomitable Leman Russ.

Russ is a great miniature, and it was fun to paint him. He has a lot of animation, with a swirling motion throughout the whole figure, starting from his base of shattered stone to his whirling wolf pelt cape and long braided hair. His dagger sheath even swings out away from his body with his momentum. The motion of the model follows his eyes, with Russ turning his head to face of against an unseen foe (or searching for another), and his leg planted to begin his turn in that direction. This pose does make the minie difficult to photograph, but it does avoid any problems of a miniature ‘in-the-round’ being dull from some directions.

His armor is of course pretty elaborate, with lots of studs and spikes and ‘Viking’ design on armor plates. I went with a cool dark grey for his power armor, and kept most of his color scheme a cool temperature, from his armor, weapons, and even the wolf pelts. The base has some warmth to contrast, with reddish terracotta showing through the facades.

His paired weapons are a highly decorated sword, painted with violet and blue washes to separate it from him, as well as a big axe worked to a shiny polish with blue and silver.

I show one pic with Russ on his normal 40mm base and then inserted into the scenic base, as well as a pic of just the scenic base. Like the other Primarchs, he has his own little diorama on a 60mm base. In Russ’ case this is some palace floor on Prospero, when the Space Wolves fought the Thousand Sons Legion. You can see a discarded scroll and Thousand Son helmet among the rubble of magic wards and inscriptions. Russ has a few of the same metals from the scenic base used on his armor to tie him visually to the base.

More to come. Looking forward to Sanguinius and Dorn.