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Death Korps: Bring the Boom

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The Death Korps of Krieg force continues…

I’ve finished a Leman Russ tank squadron for the army. The first Russ was posted earlier. This tank is a Alpha Pattern Leman Russ Vanquisher, sporting a turret with a ridiculously long cannon. This will be the squadron’s heavy hitter.

The tank got a ‘dozer blade for cleaning battlefield debris (and blocking enemy fire I assume). Like the other vehicles in the squadron, it carries the white/red/white striping and vehicle numbers, along with a few kill markings (and it being the Imperium, skulls always work for decoration). The tracks, underside, and dozer blade are spattered with mud and crud. The blade was left black (scarred as it is) to make it visually distinct from the tank itself.

Alongside the Russ comes yet another Infantry Squad of Krieg. These are Squad 4 of Diamond Platoon. So far I’ve finished Squads 4, 5, 6, and 7. This pic is eight of the members; the final two will most likely carry the squad’s heavy weapon.

The Krieg Guardsmen kits come in two attitudes- active combat, advancing or shooting, and at attention, standing straight up or weapon held relaxed. These poses are mixed in the units to allow for as much variety as possible.


Death Korps: Behemoth

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The Death Korps deployment continues…

I’ve added a couple more Infantry Squads, but as a break from English Uniform, I’ve painted up a Death Korps Leman Russ battle tank. This Forgeworld kit is a Mars Alpha Pattern Leman Russ, with a modified Ryza Pattern Turret. That’s a lot of words to say a tank with lots of extra detail and a different gun. The commander popping his head out the cupola is Krieg as well.

The kit actually has a good amount of detail, and the proportions make a little more sense than the standard Leman Russ design. Owing to the nature of the Krieg battle front, the tank has an atmosphere filter/processor and trench rails on its rear.

The color scheme for the tank follows the same idea as the Infantry. They wear WWI-era uniforms and gear. With that in mind, the tank is based off WWI-era British tanks. I used GW Baneblade Brown as a solid color over the whole tank. The surface is scarred by battle, with mud collected on the lower portions and tracks. More mud is caked on the trench rails and the front plating. This was created with GW’s Stirland Mud texture paint, the same I used on the bases for the Infantry. The ‘mud’ was then painted a dark brown and highlighted. The tank has obviously seen action on the front.

The tank bares unit markings in the form of a ‘3’ for the tank itself, and a white/red/white squadron stripe on the side panels and a single patch on a side sponson, visible from above. This was also based off WWI British markings. This marking convention will continue on further vehicles for the army.

There are a few more tanks on the painting table, as well as even more Infantry and support weapons.

Honneur et patrie

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My French army for Bolt Action grows, slowly. I’ve finished more infantrymen, completing a pair of 7-man Sections. Despite being metal, they have a lot of variety in posing and details.

The army gets some armored support in the form of a Renault R35, a light little tank. For early war, the Renault was well-armored and relatively well-armed, but was already feeling outdated versus anything rolling out of Germany. As I plan on playing the army versus early-war forces (like my own German force) that won’t be too much of a problem. The lack of variety from Warlord means the Renault will stand in for other tanks as well, including the R39, R40 and Char D-1.

The Renault got a nice tricolor camouflage pattern, based off photo sources. The base color was Vallejo German Dark Green, with a black wash and Dark Green/Cruiser Tank Green highlight. The brown splotches were Vallejo Flat Brown, with a highlight of Flat Brown/German Camo Brown. The yellow splotches were GW Balor Brown, with Vallejo Dark Sand highlights. I added transfers of a red club to designate the tank as from 3rd Company, 1st Platoon. An additional roundel of the French colors finishes the tank off.

The tank commander has popped himself out of the turret. I like the uniform, which makes him almost look like a cavalryman or pilot.

More to come- Avant!

In Death I Serve

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I’ve gotten back to work on the Black Templars Space Marines. The next arrival is the Venerable Dreadnought.

He is nicely decorated, with plenty of skulls and campaign honors, as well as the ubiquitous litany text and purity seals on some armor panels. I opted for the exposed pilot helmet over the sarcophagus to make him visually separate from the army’s other (regular) Dreadnoughts.

The Dreadnought has alternate weapon swaps; either an assault cannon, lascannon, or plasma cannon. The assault cannon has its own arm, while the other weapons clip into the same arm. The left arm is a power fist. I used the ‘hand-like’ version of the first, again to distinguish him from the other Dreads.

More Templars coming soon!

Zeal and Honor

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I return to the the Black Templar Space Marines after a brief hiatus…

The Marshal is one of the old metal Captains, with a plasma pistol swap and extra Templar purity seals. I like the no-nonsense style of the sculpt, compared to more recent ones. I kept the decoration to a minimum as well. He got an axe campaign symbol on one knee, a basic Templar cross banner, and the Chapter-standard cross on the left shoulder.

Accompanying him is a Dreadnought. It has swappable arms for every occasion (via rare earth magnets), either a twin-linked lascannon or an assault cannon. The left arm with the power fist is also loose, to allow some posability. The Dread gets plenty of decoration to honor his years of service. Like the army’s other vehicles, he gets some battle scarring, but I avoided too much (too much looks messy). I haven’t written anything on the scrollwork on his sarcophagus yet, waiting for a name from the client.


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The Panzer is here! The Panzerkampfwagen IV (Pz.Kpfw. IV) Ausf. D rumbles on to the table alongside the Heer infantry for my Bolt Action army. In the few games I’ve gotten in, it’s helped catch enemy targets in the open, with a combination of speed and long range firepower. It’s not tough enough to go toe-to-toe with other big tanks, but it will threaten light tanks and infantry nicely.

I painted it in early/mid-war colors. It got the same German Grey (from Vallejo) as the Hanomag, with the addition of some simple camouflage. Splotches of GW Rhinox Hide, stippled with a Vallejo Flat Brown/GW Rakarth Flesh mix give it a nice look. I added a few crosses on key points. References for the color and placement of the crosses was contradictory (as usual) so I went with what looked good. Here I used the ‘open’ cross from France and Russia. The Hanomag uses the filled-in cross instead.The tracks and wheels got some dusting to make them stand out, and the engine got plenty of exhaust staining, but I kept the tank overall pretty clean.

I might purchase a Panzer III for variety at some point. The lighter tank is cheaper points-wise, which will give me opportunities to play with other toys in the army, while still having some firepower.


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The German army for Bolt Action is nearly complete.

Here is the army’s Sd.Kfz. 251, aka the Hanomag. So far, there is only one in the army, for rapid deployment of a squad or acting as moving cover for infantry. In a recent game, the Hanomag ferried an Infantry squad from flanking reserve, weathering some sniper fire, before deploying them on to the enemy objective. The added speed and protection impressed me enough to keep it around (previous games had not impressed me).

The Hanomag is in early war colors, the basic German grey (using Vallejo German Grey). I wanted it to look pretty clean, to match the troops. I added a few bits of stowage, but again kept it to a minimum (both for aesthetics purposes and speed of painting). A couple of transfers finish off the insignia.

I also have a pic with the Heer infantry as they deploy from their transport. An interesting thing about Bolt Action is the odd scaling of vehicles, compared to infantry models. Vehicles are maybe true 25mm or even 20mm, as opposed to the 28mm scale of the rest of the models. This gives vehicles smaller footprints on the table, which I think is better for play.

Finally, an MG43 medium machine gun team sets up to cover the advance. This is the one group of models that aren’t technically early war. I unfortunately misread the package and bought them before I realized they don’t match the rest of the army (I should have grabbed an MG34 instead…). The crew’s uniforms are mid-to-late war, with added camo nets on the helmets and leggings. One member got a head swap to a bare helmet to help them sort of match the early war look. Oh well, close enough right? For Bolt Action, a medium machine gun is a medium machine gun.