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Sky Fortress!

Posted in Miniatures with tags on April 21, 2013 by Sean

The Vauban Sky Fortress appears! This beast is part of the (by now) huge Republique of France fleet I’m working on for a client.

The Sky Fortress was quite big, with each of its hulls as big as a carrier. and then a central part the size of a fort. I had to work in stages, with each large chunk done separate. I continued the dark grey over white color scheme from the fleet. The flanks of the fortress are broken up nicely, with a zig-zag at the rudders to add some variety.


Republique of France Carrier

Posted in Miniatures with tags on December 1, 2012 by Sean

More ships from the Republique of France fleet from Dystopian Wars.  First is the Couronne Class Battle Carrier. The model is just huge, covered in guns and rocket batteries. I painted the flight deck the same color as the decking of all the ships in the fleet. The dark brown is a good contrast against the grey white hull (and the dark grey of the camouflage).

The airplanes are painted a deep sea blue, with white markings. They match the bombers I’ve done for the fleet.

The second photo is the Couronne next to a Ecuyer Class Support Cruiser. The Carrier would usually have a squadron of 3 of the Ecuyer to escort it.

Republique of France ships

Posted in Miniatures with tags on September 25, 2012 by Sean

Here’s a selection of  ships of the Republique of France, from Dystopian Wars, for a client.
First, a squadron of Marseille Class Cruisers, with a cloud camouflage pattern of off-white and dark grey. One is up on the flight stand.

Next is a Epaulard Submarine, in its surface and submerged versions. Its color scheme is simpler, with the same grey as the cloud pattern of the rest of the fleet.

Kingdom of Britannia Frigate groups

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on January 6, 2011 by Sean

I’ve begun my Kingdom of Britannia fleet for the new game Dystopian Wars. Steampunk naval combat for now, but promise of more air and land based combat on the horizon. These models are close to 1/166 scale, apparently, and are amazingly small. Despite that, they’re packed with details, even showing bolts along armor plates and little windows on the sides.

I have decided on a dark blue main color, with grey-white dazzle patterning for camouflage on the ships. The frigate groups are differentiated by the specific pattern. One has triangular lines, while the other features lightning bolt lining. The third group (when I get to them) with most likely follow a hashmark design. Red rings on the turret barrels mark out the leaders of the frigate groups.

The rest of the fleet will follow suit with these designs.

The aeroplane squadron is painted in traditional tan, with the RAF symbol on the wings. I painted the bases to look like clouds, though technically they’re modeled on a flight deck.