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IG vs. Orks Battle

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on June 21, 2014 by Sean

I played my second game of WH40K 7th ed today. It was my Imperial Guard (the Typhon 86th) versus Bad Moons Orks (my friend’s aptly named Afrikka Kor, due to their desert camo and bases), 1500 points. We played the Big Guns Never Tire scenario, with 3 objective markers. I took the Initiative, with some punishing shooting crippling his center right off the bat, but the game overall came to a grinding draw.

These pics are from a few points in the battle.

1. The IG deployment. We had corner set-up, and my side had a good amount of urban ruins. I held the objective all game, but it cost me plenty of men.

2. Part of the Ork deployment. He had 2 artillery groups parked behind an Aegis defense line, and a mob of Grotz to fire the quad gun. His Big Mek with shokk attack gun and Weirdboy hugged cover right next to an objective. The rest of his army was to the right of the shot, huddled in a ruin and running up the flank with some LOS-blocking cover.

3. Later in the game, one of his trukks roared up the flank to grab the open objective. Slugga boys jumped out to assault, but were repelled and wiped out. The trukk hung out there for several more turns being annoying before I wrecked it, but by then the next wave of footslogging Orks (seen in the distance in the pic) were able to claim the objective.

4. The dakkajet flew on, riddling my forward squads with dakka.

5. Deff Copters flew in from reserve behind my line. They did some damage to the Russ nearby, blowing off its turret and stunning it a few times. Return fire (a lot of return fire) took them out, but they did serve as a good distraction.

6. The footslogging Shoota Boyz move in, the trukk being perfect cover.

7. A shot of my IG firebase, in the center of my line. The big multi-story ruin held my Company Command Squad, 2 Infantry Squads, a Primaris Psyker, and a Heavy Weapons Squad.

8. Early on my Scout Sentinels came in behind the artillery base’s defenses. They blasted one unit of Big Gunz, finishing them off in close combat. They then took a blistering return fire, destroying one and damaging the other. The survivor then crushed the quad gun and its Grotz crew before being shot apart. They earned me important VP’s for the scenario, plus drew a lot of attention away from the rest of the army.

9. The dakkajet strafes my forward position. My squads were maimed, but held together until it passed by. It chewed a line through my army, drawing plenty of fire for 3 turns. My Guardsmen got some lucky glancing hits, and a Leman Russ finished it off with a hail of heavy bolters. It of course promptly crashed into a Platoon Command Squad.



The Nameless Children of Nurgle

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , , , on April 12, 2013 by Sean

In addition to the Chaos Spawn and Obliterators, I’ve been working on Cultists for my Death Guard Chaos Marines. They represent the sort of ragtag force that form around a Chaos invasion like flies, hoping for mercy or a chance to be blessed by the Chaos gods. They are formed from Imperial Guard deserters, hive block rabble, forgotten menial workers, and assorted ex-prisoners and madmen/women.

The miniatures are from several ranges, including 40K, Necromunda, Warhammer, and some others (potentially Shadowforge, but I can’t remember their origins). An Imperial world is wide open for  dress and appearance, from the tarnished military precision of the cult leader (as well as his Dawn of War inspired back harness, nicked from Chronopia), the ragged diseased mutants of the inner circle, and the outer circle, less touched by Grandfather Nurgle, desperate for absolution.

Salamander Command Carrier

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on August 24, 2010 by Sean

This is a conversion of a Chimera transport  for my Imperial Guard army. Based on the Salamander Scout vehicle, it simply counts as a Chimera on the table. Salamanders are primarily scout vehicles, so are normally open-topped for maximum visibility for its passengers.

This Salamander is usually the transport for the Company HQ squad, though sometimes it gets loaned out to one of the Platoon HQ’s instead.

The interior includes a command console. The roll bars support a rolled up canopy, as well as a hard point for a heavy stubber. On the top track plates I detailed 2 more hard points (with the industrial markings) with added steps and hand rails.

Imperial Guard update

Posted in Miniatures with tags , on August 24, 2010 by Sean

A selection of squads from my Imperial Guard army. I’ve posted some of these before, but have since added new models, weapon options, and advisors for the HQ squads.

The Company HQ squad includes the Captain, an Astropath, a Fleet Officer, a Regimental Standard Bearer, a Lascannon weapon team, and a Medic.

City Fight!

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , , on January 1, 2010 by Sean

My Imperial Guard fought a friend’s Tau in a couple of games. The first game was a basic 40K, with 5 objectives. I managed to get all my reserves early, whereas my opponent got his peacemeal, allowing my tanks and heavy weapons to shred the tiny force on the table.

We then played another game, using the City of Death rules. My Tau friend had never played it, and ultimately he did not enjoy the game. The terrain and mission definitely favored my IG, since I had built a general balanced force (and I designed them around urban fighters), whereas he was playing Tau, which was an uphill battle in the best of circumstances.

Imperial Guard randomness

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Some more of my Imperial Guard army.  A few more troops, with their sergeant. A good selection of flesh tones, with Hispanic, Indian, Caucasian, and African.

The flamer-armed Guardsman’s helmet was made from a fantasy Chaos Warrior, and the fire apron is just cardstock.

The Snipers are made from a pile of parts, with contributions from the IG plastics, Necromunda weapons and backpacks, Forgeworld bits, old old IG bits, and even a Marine scout head. The sniper on the right is a right out of the box Cadian sniper. I either add them to the Infantry squads, or field them as counts-as Ratlings.

Imperial Guard Tanks

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The armored vehicles that accompany my Guard infantry to battle. The urban camo was created with Chaos Black and Shadow Grey spray paints. The Shadow Grey was done over a black base coat, then Chaos Black was sprayed in a low-tech airbrush method (ie. hold the can very close to the surface). Highlight and detail, voila.

I like my tanks to be personalized, so there’s lots of battle damage, extra gear, trophies, graffiti, etc. I got a lot of ideas from WWII photographs. The weapon sponsons on the Leman Russ are detachable, and I can switch out the hull lascannon for a heavy bolter if I want. The heavy stubbers on the Chimera and Hellhound are also detachable, and there are hard points for hunter-killer missiles, searchlights, and whatever.