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Morticians 5

Posted in Miniatures with tags , , on March 19, 2016 by Sean


The Morticians team for Guild Ball gets a few more reserve members!

Bonesaw is the 2nd Season recruit, a fast and capable striker. I’ve already had him do wonders in my games (turn 1 goals are nice), though he seems a glass cannon so far. The sculpt is one of my favorites for the team- great posture and details for a relatively simple design. There’s a nice near-kung fu vibe to his pose, with the titular saws held ala war fans. I kept his color scheme similar to the rest of the team. His greyish skin gives a  necrotic feel, appropriate for a guy who gets up after being taken out of action every turn.

A little mercenary help arrives with Minx from the Union. She’ll step into the striker/winger role when it suits her (she parrots a lot of Cosset’s rules but benefits from armor and extra speed). The model is kind of a mess of details, so not my favorite. The mix of leather and fur, as well as a skull mask, makes for a confusing model. The skull at least fits for the Morticians. I gave her the Morticians’ team color scheme to make her fit in. However, the fur hood/cape and blood red hair separate her nicely.


Guild Ball Morticians 4

Posted in Miniatures with tags , on February 18, 2016 by Sean

The Morticians for Guild Ball are finished (at least until I add stuff). The last member is Cosset, the crazy moppit of the team.

Cosset got the team color scheme, with black and yellow almost the whole of her colors. Her skin is chalk white, with cool brown-grey in the recesses. She got a little red around her crazed eyes. I like the ribbons swirling around her body in some sort of ghostly wind. Her fork is stained with blood and rust.

With the team done, I have a team photo. This would be the typical lineup for a 5-player game +mascot. They have a nice unified look, but have enough variation between them to mark them as individuals.

There will be more team members following, as well as some planned Union freelancers.

Guild Ball: Morticians 3

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More Morticians for Guild Ball. This time it’s the team captain, Obulus, and the mascot Dirge.

Obulus is another study in a limited pallet. He uses the team colors of black and yellow, offset with white metal and brown leather. I toned the yellow ribbons down with purple wash. His skin as well got a purple cast, using a base coat of deep purple, followed by a mix of purple and light tan, then white. His eyes are glowing dead white. This all gave him an otherworldy look.

The mascot Dirge was very simple- black, with minimal highlighting on the edge of the feathers and beak and talons. The wooden stand is the only color on the model, other than the glowing yellow eyes.

The team’s almost done…

Guild Ball: Morticians 2

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More for the Morticians team for Guild Ball…

Silence is one of the team’s midfielders, which seems odd for a wizened wizardly type of guy. The visual of him dribbling the ball, robes cinched up as he runs, is pretty amusing. I did like his design though. The billowing robes and lack of visible feet gave him a floating ethereal look (compounded by the base, where he is only attached via a single hidden pin). I decided his hood gave him the look of Pazuzu from The Exorcist (the scary face that shows up here and there in the movie). I made his skin sallow and pale, with black pits for eyes.

Since I had free rein to create the team’s goal, except for the 50mm base, I dug around my bits box and brainstormed. I decided on a cemetery statue/mausoleum, topped with Death, patron saint of the Morticians Guild. A Caern Wraith from Warhammer served perfectly. The plinth was from a random set of terrain pieces. The statue is separate from the base to make transport and storage easier.

And yes, that’s an Ultramarines transfer, flipped into the guild’s symbol, the Ω .

Guild Ball: Morticians

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I’ve started a Guild Ball team at my FLGS. I pondered the teams, figuring out the style of play I wanted to do, weighing this against the faction I’d enjoy painting most (always a factor). I decided on the Morticians, since their board control and disruptions shenanigans, along with the model designs, appealed the most. I do find it odd though that mortician is apparently synonymous with necromancer…

I’ve finished two of the team members, based on some Micro Art resin bases. I chose the ‘Temple’ design. I didn’t want the ‘Graveyard’ bases, since as well as being rather obvious, the sculpts were in my opinion too busy and messy. The Temple designs give open space to not distract from the models, but carries with it the hint of the arcane. The team’s colors are black, white, and yellow. I wanted the yellow to be a small accent, rather than any large contingent of the overall color. I’m attempting to keep the color scheme drab and low-key with a limited pallet.

First is Ghast, one of the team’s big bruisers. He has a nice wild twisting movement to his body, whirling to attack all around him. I gave him skin tinged purple to make him somewhat inhuman, even necrotic- fitting as he was obviously inspired by Jason. Some lanky dishwater blonde hair gives enough contrast with his skin and mask to stand out. Lots of black leather and a giant rusty saw blade finish the look.

Second is Graves, the team’s stabby guy. The sculpt is a sharp opposite to Ghast; Graves is all restrained professional compared to Ghast’s wild animal. He even wears a tie under his tool vest. I decided to paint him reminiscent of Ra’s al Ghul from Batman, with distinguished grey temples and streaked goatee.

More to come. Certainly an appeal to the game is the small size of the teams. I’ll ultimately only have 5-6 models to do to get playing.