Imperial Guard Tanks


The armored vehicles that accompany my Guard infantry to battle. The urban camo was created with Chaos Black and Shadow Grey spray paints. The Shadow Grey was done over a black base coat, then Chaos Black was sprayed in a low-tech airbrush method (ie. hold the can very close to the surface). Highlight and detail, voila.

I like my tanks to be personalized, so there’s lots of battle damage, extra gear, trophies, graffiti, etc. I got a lot of ideas from WWII photographs. The weapon sponsons on the Leman Russ are detachable, and I can switch out the hull lascannon for a heavy bolter if I want. The heavy stubbers on the Chimera and Hellhound are also detachable, and there are hard points for hunter-killer missiles, searchlights, and whatever.


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