For Lacodamion!

A selection of my Lacodamion army from Field of Glory. It uses the Late Classical Greek army list, corresponding to the Persian War (ca. 480 BC).

Lacodaemon (aka Laconia) was the area of the Pelloponese ruled by the city-state of Sparta. The army has a large group of Spartan Citizen Hoplites, some of the finest foot soldiers of the ancient world. Alongside them are the perioikoi, subject Greeks who were under the rule of Sparta, and allied Tegean and Aechanean Hoplites from the region, as well as cavalry and psiloi skirmishers.

The miniatures are 15mm, based 4 to a stand for Hoplites. The generals and officers are based differently to make them stand out on the table. The majority of the Hoplites during this time period are well armored, with helment, cuiress, skirt, greaves, and hoplon shield. In later periods (such as the Pellopenesian Wars) the general level of armor declined.


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