Deathwatch: Overkill

The Deathwatch: Overkill box is out, and of course I’ve got it in the rotation for a client.

First off, these models are amazing. The Marines from the Kill Team are appropriately detailed, more of the same really. Marines are Marines, in the end. The Genestealers on the other hand are wonderfully done. They run the gamut of Purestrain, to 1st through 4th Generation Hybrids. As a WH40K grognard, I love the call-back to the 1st ed 40K Genestealer cult designs, with the ribbed armor and autoguns.

These guys here are the 4th Gen Hybrids, the most ‘human’ of the hive. I also included a 3rd Gen member, since he was finished. He serves as a contrast to the 4th Gen, to show off the difference in posture, skin tone, and features. The second pic highlights the details of the armor and equipment.

The client wanted them painted in the same manner as the box set examples, though the 3rd Gen’s exposed chitinous arms favor his own Tyranid army’s color scheme.

More to come as I finish the boxed set.

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